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Crime Against Women And Protective Laws
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Crime Against Women And Protective Laws

by Shobha Saxena
Edition: Reprinted 2008
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Product Details:

Format: Hardback
Pages: 460 pages
Publisher: Deep & Deep Pubishers
Language: English
ISBN: 978817100797X
Date Added: 2006-05-17
Search Category: Lawbooks


Rape, molestation, bride-burning, wife-beating, prostitution, abduction . . . the list of crimes against women seems never ending. All laws, whether protective or general, fall like the proverbial pack of cards in the face of social realities underlining the fact that law in action is totally different from the law in books.

It is in this context that this book presents a critical analysis of the existing laws on crimes against women. It takes note of the important legal developments that have taken place in recent times. It discusses the cases decided by various courts and then it tries to establish on the basis of empirical survey, case law and statistics the general degeneration of our criminal justice system judicial delays and the corrupt law and order machinery which have reduced the protective laws to a farce. The record of apprehensions and convictions is pathetic. Can laws with an acquittal rate of 90% be described as effective? This book puts forward proposals for drastic changes in the administration of criminal justice system.

This book will be useful for the academicians, research scholars, sociologists, law students and all those who are interested in women's studies or want to bring about effective changes in the law.

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Table Of Contents:

Crimes against Women at a Glance
1. Introduction
2. Crimes Against Women: Causes and Compulsions
3. Rape--The Most Heinous Crimes Against Women
4. Dowry Deaths and Bride Burning
5. Criminal Cruelty and Wife Beating
6. Eve Teasing and Sexual Harassment
7. Prostitution, offences against marriage and a kaleidoscope of multifarious crimes against Women
8.  Crimes against women and Protective Laws: Observations and Analysis
9. Conclusions and Suggestions
Table of Cases
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