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S.M. Husains U.P. Local Acts by Surendra Malik S.M. Husains U.P. Local Acts by Surendra Malik
S.M. Husains U.P. Local Acts by Surendra Malik
by S.M. Husain
Edition: 6th Edition, 1999
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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 4068 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: english
ISBN: 8170126592
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 23.59 CM X 16 CM
Shipping Weight: 4.000(Kg)
Publisher Code: A/659
Date Added: 2001-01-01
Search Category: Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

A classic work, thorough and reliable, that is recognized as the best work on the subject. It offers to the reader at one place the entire statutory law of Uttar Pradesh. Its many special and unique features are unmatched by any other publication.

The sixth edition of this work has been thoroughly revised and updated by Shri Surendra Malik with the help of an experienced team of editors. The whole set will be completed in about 16 volumes, each volume to be published in quick succession.

Exhaustive Coverage of Statute Law : The sixth edition of this work covers the unrepealed U.P. Acts, Rules and important notifications with the useful case-law notes. It also contains local amendments to Central Acts, and some of the Central Acts in their application to the State of U.P., incorporating the local amendments printed in full, such as Court Fees Act, Stamp Act, Registration Act, etc.

Easy Access to the up-to-date Amended Law : The sixth edition, as revised by Surendra Malik is so designed as to provide quick and easy access to the up-to-date statutory law of U.P.

Each volume will be published up-to-date till its date of publication and so will provide to you with the most current position of law. In the last volume of the set, a consolidated list of Acts published in all the volumes will be given with a guide to subsequent amendments, with references to the particular journal 'Lucknow Law Times'.

Unique Link-UP with Lucknow Law Times : This is the only Local Act series that offers you the unique facility of keeping you informed and up-to-date. The well-known and popular journal 'Lucknow Law Times' offers the unique facility of a monthly 'Noter-up Service to S.M. Husain's U.P. Local Acts' that details the Act/Rules and Volume Nos. of Husain's U.P. Local Acts that have been effected by the new amendments.

This noter-up table will be consolidated and given with the annual index of Lucknow Law Times each year. Thus any amendment subsequent to the publication of any Act or Rules in a particular volume can be easily traced and latest position easily known in future also, keeping the reader always up-to-date and informed.

Reasonable Price : Standard sized volumes. Each volume will be of about 800 pages ensuring easy readability and aesthetic arrangement, packed with more material per page, thus giving you maximum value for your investment. Undoubtedly the sixth edition of U.P. Local Acts as revised by Surendra Malik, is the best buy for your money.



  • All India Reporter :


    This edition is fully revised and all available Rules, Regulations, Orders and important decisions of the High court and Supreme Court are included at proper places. The alphabetical order of the statutes has been maintained along with other useful adjuncts for saving time and labour of the busy lawyers. After considering all the useful aspects, the reader will realise that this work is really a splendid work on the subject.

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