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COMPANY LAW with Secretarial Practice in 4 volumes (with FREE CD)
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COMPANY LAW with Secretarial Practice in 4 volumes (with FREE CD)

by K.M. Ghosh & Dr. K.R. Chandratre
Edition: 13th , 2007 (Rpt. 2008)
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Product Details:

Pages: 8754 pages
Publisher: Bharat Law House
Language: English
ISBN: 8177371223
Date Added: 2007-09-28
Search Category: Lawbooks


Rare encyclopaedic work: Ghosh & Chandratres Company Law is an encyclopaedic work containing a very exhaustive and comprehensive analytical commentary based on case-law — both Indian and foreign. It is an unparalleled commentary that is likely to provide an answer to all the legal problems. The clarity and simplicity with which all the legal issues are dealt with is remarkable. The commentary is upto date, as amended by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2006. The rationale, scope and effect of all the amendments have been placed in the right perspective. The present revised edition, being released after a considerable gap, is bound to attract the attention of everyone having anything to do with company law. Secretarial practice: A unique feature of this commentary is the inclusion of the Secretarial Practice containing procedures, checklists, filling and filing of e-forms under MCA-21, specimen resolutions, numerous precedents and forms. It is a fine amalgam of the law and procedures, outshining all others on the subject. Besides step-by-step procedures, innumerable specimens and precedents practically on all topics have been incorporated, including resolutions which are frequently passed at various meetings. The volumes also contain several tables and charts that collate information spread throughout the Act at one place. Expert editorial inputs: The present edition has been thoroughly worked upon by Dr. K.R. Chandratre, Former President of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, ably assisted by several experts. Dr. Chandratre, a celebrity and a rare legal luminary, has to his credit more than a dozen books on various branches of company law and each has been acclaimed as a bestseller on the topic. Undoubtedly, he excels among the contemporary academicians, authors and professionals and his knowledge and expertise are reflected in the treatise in all its aspects. FREE CD: Please see back cover of the volume. The book will be immensely useful for chartered accountants, company secretaries, corporate consultants and executives, lawyers, Bench, academicians, researchers and any one having anything to do with company law.

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