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Public Interest Litigation Legal Aid and Lok Adalats Public Interest Litigation Legal Aid and Lok Adalats
Public Interest Litigation Legal Aid and Lok Adalats
Public Interest Litigation Legal Aid and Lok Adalats
by Mamta Rao
Edition: 5th Edition, 2018
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Public Interest Litigation Legal Aid and Lok Adalats
Administrative Law
S.D. Singh  Judgments and  How to Write Them
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Product Details:
Format: Paperback/eBook
Pages: 496 pages
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
ISBN: 9789388206228
Dimensions: 24* 16.5* 3 cm
Shipping Weight: 0.630(Kg)
Publisher Code: AC/622, EA/813
Date Added: 2018-12-03
Search Category: Textbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

Public Interest Litigation by Dr. Mamta Rao is greatly admired and read by practitioners and students. The book reflects the concern of the judiciary in protecting and preserving the right of an individual to file a PIL, while at the same time addressing the increasing problem of rampant misuse of PIL. The book also discusses the Legal Services Authorities Act which was enacted with an avowed object of settling the disputes between the parties in an amicable manner. This new edition has been extensively revised and updated by Dr. Mamta Rao. The book incorporates all new developments and judicial decisions in the field of public interest litigation, legal aid and Lok Adalats. The author has taken great pains to explain the dynamics of public interest litigation clearly and succinctly.



"The dynamics, trends, procedural innovations, limitations and dilemmas of Public Interest Litigation have also been dealt with. Out of a huge volume of case law coming from the Supreme Court and the High Courts, priority has been given to decisions of Supreme Court on topics of importance. The concept of locus standi, the procedural and judicial innovations, the problems and the expectations from Public Interest Litigation have all been dealt with by the author in a new light. This very well researched and lucidly written book is indeed a valuable addition to the scarce literature on the subject."

Journal of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies


"Excellent Legal content, concept and coverage of the law. 

Good Language used and References to other sources."

: Dr. Partha Pratim Mitra, Associate Professor of Law, School of Law, VIPS


" Legal content and coverage of the law is excellent."   

 ---Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Yadav

Asst. Professor of Law

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University

"It is a good literature on the public interest litigation in India. It contains the basic constitutional philosophy on judicial review".- Dr.Lakhwinder Singh. Asst. Professor, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law,Patiala.

"PIL is indeed one of the most constructive outcome of judicial activism in India; whereby the standing norm of locus standai for availing judicial intervention has been relaxed in specific circumstances for greater goal of justice. The governing laws, applicable procedures, and scope of such a path breaking legal development which empower every citizen who stands for social cause and justice is not dealt by many writer in India as by the 'Author' of this book; and in this regard, I find it as quite a valuable contribution of the author to the legal fraternity."- Sanjeev Kumar Choudhary, Asst. Professor of Law, GNLU.

"The book is one of the most detailed and finest books have come across on the subject. It gives out a comprehensive view, and the research is commendable."- Siddhi Suman, Assistant Professor, Tamil Nadu National Law University.


Good Legal content and coverage of the law. 

"Could be good for U/G students" :- Dr. V P Tiwari,Associate Professor of Law,Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur



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Table Of Contents:
  1. Introduction

  2. Quest for Social Justice

  3. New Vista in PIL: Liberalisation of “Locus Standi”

  4. Dynamics and Trends of Public Interest Litigation in India

  5. Procedural Innovations

  6. Limitations and Dilemmas of PIL

  7. Law Relating to Legal Aid and Lok Adalats



Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987

Format for filing Public Interest Litigation

Format of Affidavit in Support 

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