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Constitutional and Administrative Law
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Constitutional and Administrative Law

by David Pollard, Neil Parpworth, and David Hughes
Edition: 4th Edition , 2007
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Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Pages: 976 pages
Publisher: Oxford Books India
Language: english
ISBN: 978-0-19-928637-9
Dimensions: 24.2 CM X 0.79 CM X 16 CM
Date Added: 2012-06-18
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Integration of commentary and materials to ensure students understand the context and relevance of essential source documents and case law
Wide range of legal and non-legal materials, including official publications, providing students of constitutional and administrative law with a complete portable resource
Explains the subject within the context of its historical development and its current political environment, so students without any prior knowledge can appreciate the reality of the UK's constitutional system
Lively written style that makes use of current developments to guide students through the difficult underlying issues
Complemented by an Online Resource Centre that provides updates on judicial and legislative developments, as well as web links that serve as a gateway to a wealth of helpful sources

New to this edition

More commentary and completely restructured to integrate the text and materials
Europe: expansion of the Community and its effect on the Community institutions, the European Constitution, and the increasing liability of Member States for failure to meet Community obligations
Parliamentary Commissioner: a constitutional convention of redress for maladministration, Government disagreement with the Commissioner, and Ministerial responsibility
Judicial Review: further impact of the European Community and the Human Rights Act on domestic judicial review, authorities subject to supervision by courts, legitimate expectation and proportionality
Police powers: the new powers of arrest which the police have as a result of amendments to PACE by the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005
Constitutional upheaval: the partial unravelling of what were once thought to be quite strong constitutional conventions such as those relating to the centrality of the cabinet in the UK's system of government, and the collective and individual responsibility of ministers
Constitutional reform: the House of Lords to a Supreme Court

The fourth edition of Constitutional and Administrative Law: Text with Materials provides students with a complete introduction to Public Law, covering all the core topics on LLB courses. With a wide selection of essential materials drawn from both legal and non-legal sources such as official publications, integrated with clear and lively commentary, this book serves as an invaluable portable library and reference source for students.

Drawing from their considerable teaching experience across the UK and Europe, the authors recognise that the eccentric and complex nature of the UK's constitutional system can sometimes be inaccessible for students with little prior knowledge. The book therefore guides students through constitutional and administrative law within the context of its historical development and its current political environment, making effective use of topical events to explain the difficult underlying theoretical issues, without loosing the essence of the law in a welter of detail.

Online Resource Centre
The fourth edition is accompanied by a website that provides ongoing updates to judicial and legislative developments since the publication of the book, ensuring students are kept informed of the latest key legal developments. It also serves as a research portal, providing a wealth of links to useful websites and materials available online.

Readership: Suitable for undergraduates taking modules in constitutional and/or administrative law (or public law) as part of a LLB or CPE/GDL course.

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Table Of Contents:


1.: Constitutional and administrative law: nature, sources and history
2.: Constitutional Law and constitutional principles
3.: The royal prerogative
4.: The Cabinet: ministers and their responsibilities
5.: Parliament: composition and privileges
6.: Parliament: procedures and functions
7.: The United Kingdom and the European Community and Union
8.: The Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration
9.: The availability of judicial review
10.: Grounds for judicial review
11.: Public order
12.: Police powers
13: European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the Human Rights Act 1998

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