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Format: eBook
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Date Added: 2019-05-17
Search Category: ebooks,Lawbooks
Jurisdiction: Indian

EBC Dictionarioes is a set of :-

1.Supreme Court Words and Phrases

2.Supreme Court Doctrines & Maxims

3.Thus Spake Their Lordships

4.Law Lexicon with Maxims Including words from Indian Languages


Supreme Court Words and Phrases

This very standard and authoritative work has been in great demand. Containing over 7500 entries, the new third edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded. The many words and phrases whose meaning was determined in the various cases decided by the Supreme Court since 1950, have been extracted after carefully researching the case-law of the last 63 years as reported in all the major law reports. 


Special Features:


·    Complete case-law of the Supreme Court from 1950 up-to July 2012 covered.

·    More than a dictionary- it gives meanings that are binding on all courts under Art. 141.

·    Useful editorial notes lead you to related material.

·    Legal Maxims and doctrines included.

·    Replete with standard citations and cross citations.

·    Most up to date position clearly explained.

·    Elegantly produced with excellent printing on bible paper & get up.

     The present work will serve to be a constant companion to every Lawyer, Judge, Jurist and Scholar.


Supreme Court Doctrines & Maxims

This superb work is the most comprehensive and dependable enunciation of the meanings of Doctrines and Maxims as extracted from over 60 years of case-law of the Supreme Court.  Enriched with learned observations of the Court on various important Doctrines of Law and Latin Maxims, this book explains their scope and meaning and rulings on the fact situations in which they can be applied.

Thus Spake Their Lordships


The work eloquently portrays the collective thoughts of the Apex Court. Covering a span of four and half decades the masterpiece presents them artistically and decisively merged respecting the idea and philosophy with efflux of time behind various subjects.
    The compilation is an exposition of arrangement which is topic-wise but not author-centric.The present work emphasises on subject-orientation so that it can benefit the reader, the researcher, the academician, the advocates and the Judges. The qualitative paradigm is clearly spelt out. It can be said with certainty that the book commands serious concentration and simultaneously instils pleasantness.
    Applauded by eminent Judges of the Supreme Court, the second edition of this monumental work has been revised and updated with many new headings like – Extra-Judicial Killings, Foeticide, Hindsight, Honour Crime, Independence of Judiciary, Information Blackout, Normative Jurisprudence, Partner – Right to choose, Patient-Doctor Relationship, Personal Choices, Privacy – Right to, Single Mothers and Women’s Empowerment, etc.
     These quotations relate to many aspects of law and life. Some speak of the role of the State and the Judiciary, some comment on individual rights and freedoms, others remark on nation building – Some are idealist, some downright practical. Quotations from judgments of newly appointed Judges to the Supreme Court have also been incorporated and the Judge Index updated by which readers can refer to the quotes of their idol Judges.


Salient Features: 

  1. Provides reference of cases where the quotations occur to access the appropriate quotation or principle with ease.

  2. The qualitative paradigm is clearly spelt out.

  3. The arrangement is topic-wise and sub-topic wise to easily find a quotation.

  4. The search of a quotation is made expedient with an extensive word index which also includes lists Articles of the Constitution and Sections of Acts.

  5. Readers can even locate quotes of their idol Judges with the help of ‘Judge Index’.

  • Law Lexicon with Maxims Including words from Indian Languages

This unique legal dictionary contains words, phrases and maxims as defined or interpreted by courts or legislatures. The work includes even those Obscure words which have lost their usage over the period of time, to update the readers about existence of such historically relevant words.

Salient Features: 

  1. A complete referencer for statutory definitions, inter-related terms and concepts and their differences.

  2. Includes words and phrases as defined or interpreted by Indian and foreign courts.

  3. Every definition entry comes with a proper source, which will make citing it or referring to it easier.

  4. Includes words from Wharton's Law Lexicon, 1911, and if the word is defined in an Act, then the meaning is also added.

  5. Inclusion of words from Wilson's Glossary makes the readers aware of colloquial terms still in use in the practice of Law.

  6. List of Cases and List of all the Abbreviations used in the book has been included to make the use easy.

  7. Elegantly produced, printed with imported leatherite soft touch flexi-bound cover with superior printing on imported Bible paper. 





Table Of Contents:

Table of Content:

1. Generally

2. A Verbis Legis Non Est Recedendum

3. Abus De Droit

4. Accretion of Property in Goods

5. Act of State

6. Acta Exteriora Indicant Interiora Secreta

7. Actio Personalis Moritur Cum Persona

8. Actio Quailibet It Sua Via

9. Actus Curiae Neminem Gravabit

10. Ad Ea Quae Frequentius Accidunt Jura Adaptantur

11. Allegans Contraria Non Est Audiendus

12. Allegans Suam Turpitudinem Non Est Audiendus

13. Alter Ego or True Benefi cial Ownership

14. “Always Speaking”

15. Amity or Comity

16. Ancillariness

17. Animus Attestandi/Animo Attestendi

18. Approbate and Reprobate/Qui Approbat Non Reprobat

19. Argumentum Ad Hominem

20. Audi Alteram Partem

21. Autrefois Acquit .

22. Balancing

23. Basic Structure

24. Blue Pencil

25. Boni Judicis Est Lites Dirimere, Ne Lis Ex Lite Oritur

26. Casus Omissus/Casus Omissus Et Oblivioni Datus Dispositioni Communis

Juris Relinquitur

27. Cause of Action

28. Caveat Emptor Qui Ignorare Non Debuit Quod Jus Alienum Emit

29. Cedifi catum Solo Solo Cedi

30. Certum Est Quod Certum Reddi Potest

31. Cessante Ratione Legis Cessat Et Ipsa Lex

32. Collateral Challange

33. Colourable Legislation

34. Comity of Nations

35. Commodum Ex Injuria Sua Nemo Habere Debet/Commodum Ex Injuria Sua Non Habere Debet

36. Comparative Hardship

37. Compatibility

38. Constitutionality of Statutes .

39. Constructive Notice

40. Consuetudo Semel Reprobata Non Potest Amplius Induci

41. Contemporanea Expositio Est Optima Et Fortissima in Lege

42. Continuing Wrong

43. Contra Proferentem

44. Contra Veritatem Lex Nunquam Aliquid Permittit

45. Coram Non Judice

46. Covered Field

47. Creamy Layer

48. Crimen Trahit Personam

49. Crown Debt

50. Cum Duo Inter Se Pugnantia Reperriuntur in Testamento, Ultimum Ratum Est

51. Curability

52. Cursus Curiae Est Lex Curiae

53. Cy Pres .

54. Damnum Sine Injuria

55. De Facto .

56. De Minimis Non Curat Lex

57. Debitum in Praesenti, Solvendum in Futuro

58. Delay Defeats Equity/Justice

59. Delegatus Non Potest Delegare

60. Dependant Order

61. Desuetude

62. Detur Digniori

63. Dominus Litis

64. Donatio Mortis Causa

65. Double Jeopardy

66. Dualism and Monism 

67. Dura Lex Sed Lex

68. Eclipse

69. Effects.

70. Election of Remedies

71. Eminent Domain

72. Equal Pay for Equal Work/No Work No Pay

73. Equitable Distribution of River Waters .

74. Equity Follows the Law .

75. Equity Looks Upon a Thing as Done Which Ought to have been done

76. Equity, Fairness and Good Conscience

77. Escheat .

78. Est Boni Judicis Ampliare Jurisdictionem

79. Estoppel

80. Eviction by Paramount Title

81. Ex Abundanti Cautela

82. Ex Debito Justitiae .

83. Ex Dolo Malo Non Oritur Actio

84. Ex Post Facto Law

85. Ex Praecedentibus Et Consequentibus Optima Fit Interpretatio

86. Ex Turpi Causa Non Oritur Actio

87. Ex Visceribus Actus

88. Exchange of Equivalents

89. Excluding the Fruit of a Poisonous Tree

90. Executive Construction

91. Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius

92. Expressio Unius Personae Vel Rei Est Exclusio Alterius

93. Expressum Facit Cessare Tacitum

94. Fairness

95. Falsa Demonstratio Non Nocet, Cum De Corpore Constat

96. Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus

97. Federal Supremacy

98. Feeding the Grant by Estoppel.

99. Festinatio Justitiae Est Noverca Infortunii

100. Fiscal Nullity

101. Flexibility

102. Forum Conveniens/Non Conveniens

103. Franchise

104. Fraud on the Constitution/Fraud on Legislative Power

105. Fraud Unravels All .

106. Fraus Et Jus Nunquam Cohabitant .

107. Full Faith and Credit

108. Fundamental Breach 


109. Furiosi Nulla Voluntas Est .

110. Futile Exercise/Useless Formality Theory .

111. Generalia Specialibus Non Derogant/Generaliabus Specialia Derogant/Specialiabus

Generaliabus Derogant

112. Generalis Clausula Non Porrigitur Ad Ea Quae Antea Specialiter Sunt Comprehensa .

113. Good Governance

114. Grammatica Falsa Non Vitiat Chartam

115. Group of Companies .

116. Guided Power

117. Identifi cation

118. Ignorantia Juris Non Excusat

119. Immunity of Instrumentalities .

120. Implied Powers

121. Implied Repeal .

122. Impossibility

123. Impossibilium Nulla Obligatio Est .

124. Impotentia Excusat Legem

125. In Haec Verba .

126. Incidental Encroachment

127. Incidental or Ancillary Power

128. Incorporation .

129. Indoor Management (Turquand Rule) .

130. Injuria Non Excusat Injuriam .

131. Injustum Est Nisi Tota Lege Inspecta, De Una Aliqua Ejus Particula Proposita Judicare Vel Respondere

132. Interest Reipublicae Ut Sit Finis Litium

133. Interpretare Et Concordare Leges Legibus Est Optimus Interpretandi Modus

134. Judex Debet Judicare Secundum Allegata Et Probata/Judicis Est Judicare Secundum Allegata Et Probata

135. Judicia Posteriora Sunt in Lege Fortiora

136. Judicis Est Judicare Secundum Allegata Et Probata

137. Judicis Est Jus Dicere, Non Dare

138. Jura Eodem Modo Destituuntur Quo Constituuntur

139. Jure Naturae Aequum Est Neminem Cum Alterius Detrimento Et Injuria Fieri Locupletiorem

140. Juris Et De Jure

141. Justice Should Not Only Be Done But Seen to Be Done .

142. Justifi cation .

143. Justitia Est Duplex : Severe Puniens Et Vere Praeveniens

144. Laches

145. Leges Posteriores Priores Contrarias Abrogant

146. Legislation by Reference/Legislation by Incorporation

147. Legitimate Expectation

148. Lex Injusta Non Est Lex

149. Lex Neminem Cogit Ad Vana Seu Inutilia Peragenda

150. Lex Nil Facit Frustra, Nil Jubet Frustra .

151. Lex Non Cogit Ad Impossibilia .

152. Lex Situs .

153. Lifting of the Veil/Piercing the Veil

154. Limitation of Benefi ts .

155. Lis Pendens

156. Locus Standi

157. Look At

158. Look Through .

159. Margin of Appreciation

160. Marshalling

161. Matsya Nyaya

162. Mens Rea/Actus Non Facitreum Nisi Mens Sit Rea

163. Merger of Decree, Order, Judgment, Appeal, Award

164. Merger of Lease, Tenancy, Trust

165. Minimum Guarantee

166. Mistake of Law

167. Monism and Dualism .

168. Mutuality

169. Natural Justice

170. Nec Vi, Nec Clam, Nec Precario .

171. Necessitas Non Habet Legem .

172. Necessity . 

173. Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet/Nemo Dat Qui Non Habet .

174. Nemo Debet Bis Vexari Pro Una Et Eadem Causa/Nemo Debet Bis Vexari, Si Constet Curiae

Quod Sit Pro Una Et Eadem Causa/Nemo Debet Bis Puniri Pro Uno Delicto

175. Nemo Debet Esse Judex in Propria Sua Causa .

176. Nemo Enim Aliquam Partem Recte Intelligere Possit, Antequam Totum Iterum Atque Iterum


177. Nemo Firut Repente Turpissimus .

178. Nemo Moriturus Praesumitur Mentire

179. Nemo Potest Plus Juris Ad Alium Transferre Quam Ipse Habet

180. Nemo Tenetur Ad Impossibilie

181. Neque Leges Neque Senatus Consulta Ita Scribi Possunt Ut Omnes Casus Qui Quandoque

Inciderint Comprehendantur; Sed Suffi cit Ea Quae Plerumque Accident Contineri .

182. Non Est Factum .

183. Noscitur A Sociis

184. Nova Constitutio Futuris Formam Imponere Debet, Non Praeteritis

185. Nudum Pactum/Nudum Pactum Ex Quo Non Oritur Actio.

186. Nulla Poena Sine Lege

187. Nullum Tempus Aut Locus Occurrit Regi .

188. Nullus Commodum Capere Potest De Injuria Sua Propria

189. Nunc-Pro-Tunc .

190. Occupied Field

191. Oblique Contrivance

192. Omnia Praesumuntur Contra Spoliatorem .

193. Omnia Rite Esse Acta Praesumuntur

194. Omnis Ratihabitio Retrotrahitur Et Mandato Priori Aequiparatur

195. Onus Probandi/Animus Attestandi .

196. Option .

197. Pardon the Error But Not Its Repetition

198. Parens Patriae

199. Pari Delicto

200. Pari Materia

201. Parity

202. Participative Investment

203. Pater Is Est Quem Nuptiae Demonstrant .

204. Penal Action

205. Pendent Lite Nihil Innovetur .

206. Pith and Substance

207. Pleasure

208. Police Power

209. Polluter Pays Principle/Sustainable Development and Precautionary Principle

210. Popular Meaning Overpowers Etymological Meaning

211. Possessio Contra Omnes Valet Praeter Eur Cui Ius Sit Possessionis

212. Postponement

213. Precautionary Principle/Sustainable Development and Polluter Pays Principle .

214. Predetermination

215. Preferred Position Doctrine

216. Prejudice

217. Preordained Transaction .

218. Prescription .

219. Pro Interesse Suo .

220. Promissory Estoppel .

221. Proportionality

222. Prospective Overruling .

223. Protective Discrimination and Affi rmative Action

224. Public Policy

225. Public Trust

226. Purposive Advancement

227. Quando Aliquid Prohibetur Ex Directo, Prohibetur Et Per Obliquum/Quando Aliquid Prohibetur, Prohibetur Omne Per Quod Devenitur Ad Illud .

228. Quando Jus Domini Regis Et Subditi Concurrunt, Jus Regis Praeferri Debet .

229. Quando Lex Aliquid Alicui Concedit, Concedere Videtur Id Sine Quo Res Ipsa

Esse Non Potest

230. Quantum Meruit .

231. Qui Aliquid Statuerit Parte Inaudita Altera, Aecquum Licet Dixerit, Haud Aecquum Fecerit .



232. Qui Approbat Non Reprobat

233. Qui Facit Per Alium Facit Per Se

234. Qui Non Prohibit Quod Prohibere Potest, Facere Videtur/Qui Non Prohibit Quod Prohibere Potest, Ascentire Videtur

235. Quicquid Plantatur Solo, Solo Cedit

236. Quilibet Potest Renunciare Juri Pro Se Introducto

237. Quod Enim Semel Aut Bis Existit Praetereunt Legislatores/Quod Semel Aut Bis Existit Praetereunt Legislatores .

238. Ratifi cation 

239. Ratihabitio Mandato Aequiparatur

240. Reading Down

241. Reasonableness

242. Reddendo Singula Singulis

243. Rehabilitation .

244. Relation Back .

245. Renvoi.

246. Repugnancy .

247. Res Extra Commercium

248. Res Ipsa Loquitur .

249. Res Judicata/Res Judicata Pro Veritate Accipitur .

250. Resignatio Est Juris Propii Spontanea Refutatio .

251. Restitutio in Integrum .

252. Restitution and Undue/Unjust Enrichment .

253. Rule of Law .

254. Salus Populi (Est) Suprema Lex.

255. Secundum Allegata Et Probata .

256. Secundum Subjectam Materiam

257. Separate Entity .

258. Separation of Powers .

259. Severability .

260. Sic Utere Tuo Ut Alienum Non Laedas .

261. Silence

262. Sincerity .

263. Situs of Court Below .

264. Sovereign Immunity .

265. Stare Decisis/Stare Decisis Et Non Quieta Movere

266. Strict Liability or No Fault Liability

267. Strict Necessity .

268. Sub Silentio

269. Sublato Fundamento Cadit Opus

270. Subrogation

271. Substance Over Form

272. Substantial Compliance 

273. Suspect Legislation/Suspect Classifi cation

274. Sustainable Development/Polluter Pays Principle and Precautionary Principle

275. True Benefi cial Ownership or Alter Ego

276. Uberrima Fides/Uberrimae Fidei .

277. Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium

278. Ultra Vires

279. Unreasonableness

280. Useless Formality Theory/Futile Exercise

281. User .

282. Ut Lite Pendente Nihil Innovetur .

283. Ut Res Magis Valeat Quam Pereat .

284. Vana Est Illa Potentia Quae Nun/Quam Venit in Actum

285. Veniae Facilitas Incentivum Est Delinquendi

286. Verba Chartarum Fortius Accipiuntur Contra Proferentem

287. Verba Secundum Materiem Subjectam Intelligi Nemo Est Qui Nescit

288. Vigilantibus Et Non Dormientibus Jura Subveniunt

289. Volenti Non Fit Injuria

290. Waiver

291. Wednesbury Unreasonableness

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