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Judicial Process : Judicial Process and Legal History
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Judicial Power and Judicial Review
By Anirudh Prasad and Chadrasen Pratap Singh
  1st Edition 2012, with Supplement, 2022
The learned author has made an indepth study of the subject, from its common law origins to a comparison with the concept as available in other leading countries of...

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Due Process of Law
By Abhinav Chandrachud
  2011 Edition, Reprinted 2012
The book discusses the interesting and chequered history of “due process of law” from the emphatic denial of “due process” in A.K. Gopalan v....

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Judicial Process
By G P Tripathi
  2nd Edition 2018, Reprint 2021
This classic work by Dr. G.P. Tripathi provides a coherent and comprehensive coverage of Judicial Process. Various important aspects like Judicial Creativity, Methods...

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History of Courts and Legislation
By G. P. Tripathi
  1st Edition 2015, Reprinted 2022

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