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B.P. Beri's Law of Marriage and Divorce
By Sumeet Malik
  3rd Edition, 2020

eBOOK: Rs.1995.00 Rs.1495.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.1995.00 Rs.1496.00 |
Law of Marriage and Divorce
By Paras Diwan
  7th Edition, 2017
This is a comprehensive treatise on the matrimonial laws of all the Indian communities including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and...

Hardback: Rs. 2,495.00  Rs. 2,121.00
Family Law Volume 2 - Marriage, Divorce and Matrimonial Litigation
By Flavia Agnes
Family law in India has a complex legal structure where different religious communities are guided by their own personal laws, each of which historically evolved under various social,...

Paperback: Rs. 750.00  Rs. 675.00
Maintenance - Law & Practice
By M.R. Mallick
  1st Edition, 2012
An outstanding work by an experienced and retired Judge covering almost all the problems and their probable solutions relating to the provisions of maintenance appearing in CrPC and other different statutes. This will...

Hardback: Rs. 1,080.00  Rs. 864.00
Law Relating to Cruelty towards Husband - Divorce and Maintenance to Wife
By P K Das
  4th Edition, 2017
Keeping in view of the increasing trend for the demand of this book, the present edition has been prepared meticulously by adding up to date case laws and new enactments which have been reported...

Paperback: Rs. 725.00  Rs. 616.00
Law of Maintenance in India: An Overview
By Modhumita Basu
  1st Edition 2015, Reprinted 2019
The work critically analyses the provisions of maintenance under various enactments in force in India, stressing on the scope and ambit of s....

Hardback: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 421.00
Law of Maintenance
By Sachdev and Surana
Introduction–Providing of maintenance to the deserted wives, children and also old & destitute parents is basically governed by different provisions in different Act,...

Paperback: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 446.00
A to Z of Maintenance to Wife, Children & Parents
By Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh

Hardback: Rs. 850.00  Rs. 680.00
Supreme Court on Marriage & Divorce, Cruelty/Dowry Death, Custody, Adoption & Maintenance (1950 to 2016) (In 2 Volumes)
By Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
The present two-volume digest is the most comprehensive, systematic and analytical work...

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