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RIGHT TO PRIVACY CASE - (Justice K.S. Puttaswamy v. Union of India) 	(2017) 10 SCC 1
  2018 Edition
Recently a nine-judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court unanimously declared that individual privacy is a...

Hardbound: Rs. 750.00  Rs. 638.00
Basic Structure Constitutionalism- Revisiting Kesavananda Bharati
By Sanjay S. Jain and Sathya Narayan
  2011 Edition
"...an intellectually stimulating volume in honour of Mr H.M. Seervai and Mr N.A. Palkhivala. This volume is indeed worth reading..."

eBOOK: Rs.800.00 Rs.600.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.800.00 Rs.680.00 |
Kesavananda Bharati Case - The untold story of struggle for supremacy by Supreme Court and Parliament
By T R Andhyarujina
  1st Edition, Reprinted 2022
The case of His Holiness Kesavananda Bharati Sripadagalvaru v. State of Kerala decided after the longest hearing of sixty six days in the Supreme Court...

Hardback: Rs. 395.00  Rs. 336.00
Landmark Judgments of Supreme Court (1950 - 2021)
By N K Acharya
  6th Edition, 2022

Hardback: Rs. 2,700.00  Rs. 2,295.00
Leading and Landmark Judgements of Supreme Court of India 2020
By Ashok Kumar Sharma
  1st Edition, 2021

Paperback: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 676.00