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Supreme Court on Equity Estoppel Acquiescence and Waiver
By Surendra Malik And Sudeep Malik
  2015 Edition
The study of Equity is interesting yet...

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Liberty, Equality and Justice - Struggles for a New Social Order
By S.P. Sathe and Sathya Narayan
  2003, Reprinted 2021
This commemorative volume celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of the ILS Law College, Pune, and contains a variety of essays by well known legal experts, focussing on liberty, equality and justice, which...

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Law of Injunctions
By C M Row
  11th Edition, 2021
Law of Injunctions is a comprehensive treatise stating and discussing the settled principles and fully commencing on the decisions of the Indian Courts. This book is...

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Stay Orders, Temporary Injunctions & Interlocutory Orders
By K M Sharma

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Law of Injunctions
By Justice P S Narayana
  12th Edition, 2022

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Law of Injunctions
By Dr Mohini
Law of Injunctions by Dr Mohini

Hardback: Rs. 2,340.00  Rs. 1,989.00
The Law of Injunctions
By Dr. Gurbax Singh, Dr. Rajesh Gupta, Dr. Gunja...
  1st Edition, 2022

Hardback: Rs. 2,790.00  Rs. 2,511.00
Snell's Equity
By John McGhee, Steven Elliott, Stuart Bridge, M...
  34th Edition 2021 with 2nd Supplement
Snell's Equity provides in-depth commentary and analysis of the law of equity and offers interpretation of how the different rules can be...

Hardback: Rs. 45,780.00  Rs. 41,202.00
Snell's Equity
By McGhee, John, QC
  33 Revised Edition 2015

Paperback: Rs. 10,200.00  Rs. 9,180.00