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Patent Law Manual
By Sumeet Malik
This manual contains following Acts, Treaties and Conventions:

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Unitary Patent Court Procedure: A Commentary
By Christof Augenstein, Sabine Age, Alex Wilson
Forty years after the first discussions began with a view to creating a single European patent, 25 EU Member States (with the exception of Italy, Spain and Croatia)...

Hardbound: Rs. 24,000.00  Rs. 20,400.00
Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Patents : A Handbook
By Maximilian Haedicke, Marco Stief, Dirk Buhler
The topic of pharmaceutical, biological and chemical patents is a special matter within European...

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Patent Law: A Handbook
By Maximilian Haedicke, Henrik Timmann
 This handbook presents a comprehensive view of substantive patent...

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Patent Litigation in Germany, Japan and the United States: A Practitioner's Guide
By Johannes Pitz, Atsushi Kawada, Jeffrey A. Sch...
This book gives a systematic comparative overview of the characteristic principles of patent enforcement proceedings in the US, Japan and Germany, ie. the major...

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Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC ): A Handbook
By Marco Stief, Dirk Buhler
The supplementary protection certificate (SPC) prolongs the term of patents for pharmaceutical products for a maximum of five additional years, ie the certificate becomes...

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Protecting and Enforcing Life Science Inventions in Europe under EPC and EU Law: From Antibodies to Zebrafish
By Franz-Josef Zimmer, Steven M. Zeman, Jens Ham...
  2nd Edition, 2015
Both legislators and the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office have invested considerable effort over the last two decades to adjust the...

Hardbound: Rs. 15,920.00  Rs. 13,532.00
Law of Patents
By Elizabeth Verkey
  2nd Edition, 2012
Law of Patents is a perfect blend of commentary and case law in various jurisdictions. It provides an accurate and authoritative account of patent law in India, the United Kingdom, the United States...

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Concise European Patent Law
  2nd New edition

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