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Law of Intermediaries
By Pavan Duggal
  1st Edition, 2016
This book is an absolute must for any person or legal entity who is an intermediary. This book informs its users about the latest existing position of the Indian...

Hardback: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 676.00
Intellectual Property Law In India Including Information Technology Act, 2000
By P S Narayana
Includes: The Patents Act, 1970. The Patents Rules,...

Paperback: Rs. 1,795.00  Rs. 1,616.00
Law Relating to Computers, Internet and E-Commerce
By Nandan Kamath
  5th Edition, 2016
In recent times, the Internet has emerged as a medium with immense potential, posing many new and interesting challenges. It is not surprising that there have been many attempts to regulate and control this medium,...

Paperback: Rs. 825.00  Rs. 701.00
Legal Frame Work on Cyber Crimes
By Kant Mani

Paperback: Rs. 450.00  Rs. 405.00
Cyber Laws
By Justice Yatindra Singh
  6th Edition, 2016
Cyber Laws by Justice Yatindra Singh

Paperback: Rs. 725.00  Rs. 616.00
Cyber Laws
By Dr Gupta and Agrawal
With Comprehensive Coverage of Information Technology Law, E-Commerce, E- Crimes, Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Defamation, IPRs, Computer Forensics, Proof of Cyber...

Paperback: Rs. 2,970.00  Rs. 2,376.00
Cyber Law And Cyber Crime
By J N Barowalia, Aarushi Jain
  1st Edition, 2022

Hardback: Rs. 2,250.00  Rs. 1,800.00
Commentary on The Information Technology Act
By J N Barowalia, Abhishek Barowalia
  1st Edition, 2022
Commentary on The Information Technology Act by J N Barowalia, Abhishek Barowalia, along with Rules, Regulations, Orders, Guidelines, Notifications. As Amended...

Hardback: Rs. 2,970.00  Rs. 2,376.00
Cybercrime - The Psychology of Online Offenders
By Grainne Kirwan, Andrew Power
  1st Edition, 2013
Cybercrime is a growing problem in the modern world. Despite the many advantages of computers, they have spawned a number of crimes, such as hacking...

Paperback: Rs. 3,359.00  Rs. 3,023.00