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Competition Law
By Avtar Singh
  1st, 2012
This authoritative and comprehensive new work by the learned author Dr. Avtar Singh analyses The Competition Act,...

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Merger Control Worldwide
The second supplement provides an update on recent developments in the field of merger control.

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Competition Law Handbook 17th edition
By Antonio Bavasso, Partner, Allen & Overy LLP
  17th Edition, 2011
Can be used as both a stand-alone desktop reference or alongside more in-depth works from LexisNexis. Detailed technical...

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Butterworths Competition Law Service
Butterworths Competition Law Service provides an in-depth commentary and analysis of competition case law and legislation in the EU and UK. Written by an expert editorial team in competition law, Butterworths...

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The Role of Economic Analysis In the EC Competition Rules
By Doris Hildebrand
  3rd Edition, 2009
The thesis of this now-classic work – that the European Commission and the Community Courts, under the necessity of forging an effective competition policy, created an entire new school of...

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Competition Law and Policy in the EC and UK
By Barry Rodger
  4th Edn., 2008
Competition law, at both the EC and UK levels, plays an important and ever-increasing role in regulating the conduct of businesses. Based on the premise that open and fair competition is good for both...

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Competition Law: Safeguarding the Consumer Interest
By Euga'ne Buttigieg
  First Edition

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Ec State Aid Law: Liber Amicorum
By Flett
  First Edition

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Liner Shipping and EU Competition Law
By Alla Pozdnakova
  First Edition

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