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Methods of Investigations of Books of Accounts and Other Documents
By Ram Dutt Sharma

Hardback: Rs. 1,295.00  Rs. 1,101.00
Audit Trail - A Practical Guide
By Kamal Garg
  2nd Edition, 2024
Chapter 1 -...

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IIBF's Certified Accounting & Audit Professional Combo - Bankers' Handbook on Accounting and Bankers' Handbook on Auditing (Set of 2 Books)
By Indian Institute of Banking
  1st Edition, 2024
These books are prepared for the IIBF\'s Certified Accounting & Auditing Professional Examination, exclusively published by Taxmann. This Combo includes the following books:

Paperback: Rs. 2,005.00  Rs. 1,704.00
Bankers' Handbook on Auditing
By Indian Institute of Banking
  1st Edition, 2024
The Bankers\' Handbook on Auditing was developed to address the most important aspects of bank auditing. It underscores the interlinkage and importance of an organisation\'s...

Paperback: Rs. 1,075.00  Rs. 860.00
Bankers' Handbook on Accounting
By Indian Institute of Banking
  1st Edition, 2024
This comprehensive guide is essential for understanding the multifaceted and dynamic nature of banking accounting. It meticulously covers every aspect of the field, from foundational principles...

Paperback: Rs. 930.00  Rs. 744.00
Advanced Accounting (Advanced Accounts) (CRACKER)
By Kapileshwar Bhalla, Parveen Sharma
  8th Edition, 2024
This book is prepared exclusively for the Intermediate Level of Chartered Accountancy Examination requirement. It covers the questions & detailed answers for the past exams strictly as per...

Paperback: Rs. 895.00  Rs. 761.00
Accounting Standards (AS)
By Taxmann Editorial Board
  1st Edition, 2023
Accounting Standards (AS) contains the updated Accounting Standards Rules, 2021, notified under the Companies Act, 2013, [enforced with effect from 01-04-2021].

Paperback: Rs. 795.00  Rs. 636.00
Audit of Financial Statements
By Pranav Jain
  2nd Edition, 2023
This book comprehensively covers the entire cycle of audit of financial statements, starting from the 'appointment of the auditor' to the 'issuance of the audit report' and...

Paperback: Rs. 1,895.00  Rs. 1,611.00
Company Balance Sheet And Profit and Loss Account Under Accounting Standards and Schedule III (For The F. Y. 2022-2023)
By CA. Kamal Garg
  10th Edition, 2023

Company Balance Sheet And Profit and Loss:
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