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By S.M. Husain
  6th Edition, 1999
A classic work, thorough and reliable, that is recognized as the best work on the subject. It offers to the reader at one place the entire statutory law of Uttar Pradesh. Its many special and unique...

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By Revised by Sumeet Malik
  Updated 14th Edition, March 2010
This well-established book gives the full text, with latest amendments, of the Acts and Rules relating to weights and measures. The new edition of this work has been updated with all the recent...

Hardcover: Rs. 650.00  Rs. 260.00
By Malik PL
  24th Edition, 2013

Paperback: Rs. 1,495.00  Rs. 897.00
By Malik PL
  24th Edition, 2013

Paperback: Rs. 1,495.00  Rs. 897.00
By Chopra
  3rd Edition(Pocket) R/P 2005

Paperback: Rs. 140.00  Rs. 56.00
By Rohini Aggarawal
  4th Edition, 2008 [Old Edition]
This is the fully amended and updated edition of the author's complete work on the subject released after the passing of the Finance Act, 2008. The author's three earlier editions have received glowing...

Rs. 1,550.00  Rs. 620.00