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Chikitsa Nyay Shastra (Medical Jurisprudence in Hindi - Old Edition)
By B.L. Babel
  5 Edition, 2011
The new 5th Edition of Chikitsa Nyayshastra is established to have filled the long-standing void for a standard book on the subject. The...

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वन एवं वन्य जीव संरक्षण विधि- Van Evam Vanya Jeev Sanrakshan Vidhi -Law Relating to Forests and Wild Life Protection (in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  4th Edition, 2011
वन एवं वन्य जीव से जुड़े सरकारी...

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Apradh Shastra evam Dand Shastra (Criminology & Penology in Hindi - अपराधशास्त्र एवं दण्डशास्त्र(Old Edition)
By B.L. Babel
  3rd Edition, 2009

Paperback: Rs. 225.00  Rs. 135.00
पुलिस अन्वेषण - Police Anveshan (Police Investigation in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  5th Edition, 2017
The author has analysed and discussed in detail the definition of investigation, history, development, parts of investigation etc. This book deals with the various provisions of Cr. P. C., which are...

Paperback: Rs. 365.00  Rs. 310.00
संपत्ति अंतरण अधिनियम, १८८२ -Sampatti Antaran Adhiniyam, 1882 - (Transfer of Property Act, 1882 in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  2nd Edition, 2006
Basanti Lal Babel is a well-known author of several popular and useful books. He has written on diverse subjects. His present work on the Transfer of Property will prove to be equally useful and...

Paperback: Rs. 175.00  Rs. 149.00
चिकित्सा न्यायशास्त्र - Chikitsa Nyayashastra (Medical Jurisprudence in Hindi)  Print On Demand
By B.L. Babel
  6th Edition, 2014 (POD)
Free PDF Download Chikitsa Nyayashastra (Medical...

Paperback: Rs. 875.00  Rs. 788.00
न्यायिक  विज्ञानं - Nyayik Vigyan  (Forensic Science in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  5th Edition, 2017
This fifth edition of “Nyayik Vigyan” provides a complete and detailed look at the current state of forensic...

Old Edition, 4th 2006:
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हस्तलेख  एवं  अंगुली  छाप  विज्ञानं - Hasthlekh Evam Anguli Chhap Vigyan (Handwriting and Fingerprints Science in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  5th Edition, 2013
The 5th Edition of the book has been thoroughly revised and updated with the inclusion of fresh new materials on the...

Paperback: Rs. 210.00  Rs. 126.00
हिन्दू विधि  पर  प्रमुख  निर्णय -Hindu Vidhi par Pramukh Nirnaya (Cases on Hindu Law in Hindi)(Print On Demand)
By B.L. Babel
  1983 Edition (POD)
Possibly one of the first compilations of its kind the book is a critical appraisal of the important judicial decisions relating to Hindu Law. Immensely useful for members of the Bench & the Bar...

Paperback: Rs. 250.00  Rs. 213.00