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Mahendra Pal Singh
Mahendra Pal Singh (born 15 July 1940), popularly known as M.P. Singh, is a constitutional law scholar of India. He is best known amongst students of Constitution of India for being the revising author of V.N. Shukla\'s Constitution of India a standard textbook for lawyers on Constitution of India. Internationally however, he is more famous amongst scholars of comparative constitutional law and comparative administrative law for his work, German Administrative Law in Common Law Perspective. Professor Singh has laid especial emphasis in making legal education more meaningful to Indian society by making the top law schools more accessible to the students from less privileged background. At NUJS, and since, he has been leading an effort called IDIA, or \'Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access\', which involves an engagement with school going children from different parts of semi-urban and rural India and to encourage and help them enter the top law schools of the country. Towards the same end, he has also been heading a group of academicians, called the Legal Education and Research Society or \'LEARS\' as it is popularly referred to. He has also been running a school in his village Jitholi for the children of the nearby places. Students from NUJS and volunteers from IDIA have often visited and interacted with the kids of this school
By Mahendra P Singh
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By Mahendra P. Singh
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By Mahendra Prasad Si...
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By M.P. Singh
  11th Edition, With Supplement 2010
First published 1950, this work has grown consistently in popularity and is recognised as one of the foremost authoritative...

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By Mahendra P Singh

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By Mahendra P. Singh
  2nd Edition, 2011
This FESTSCHRIFT written in honour of an eminent constitutionalist and legal pedagogue of India, Professor P.K. Tripathi, consists of...

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By M. P. Singh
  1st Edition, 2013
The major new direction of change in the Indian political system today is the gradual political decentring of a predominantly parliamentary...

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By Mahendra Prasad Singh
  1 edition (14 March 2014)
This book is one of the first in-depth and systematic studies on the functioning and aspiring federations of...

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By M P Singh
  8th Edition, 2016
From the earliest times of their existence all societies have had law. This is a self-evident truth which requires no proof. No society, whether human or...

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