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Uttar Pradesh  Agricultural Credit Act, 1973
By B.C. Shukla
  4th Edition, 1988.
In this book, the author has made an attempt to examine, analyse and elucidate the various provisions of this Act. It explains in clear and...

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Commentaries on  Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 by B P Beri (old Edition)
By Justice B.P. Beri
  1988 Edn. with Supplement, 1990
It is necessary to awaken a slumbering society, which has become insensitive to the crimes that stem from abysmal avarice. If this book stirs social conscience or helps to implement legal provisions,...

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Commentaries on  Delhi Apartment Ownership Act, 1986
By A.S. Ramachandra Rao
  1987 Edition
The 'Delhi Apartment Ownership Act ' is a welcome piece of legislation. There was a growing need for it arising out of the increasing number of apartments coming up in Delhi and the resultant...

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Customs Act, 1962Print On Demand
By P.L. Malik
  3rd, with Supplement, 1990 (POD)
Customs revenue forms a bountiful source of income to the Central Exchequer. It is linked up with the country's economy. The vast expansion in trade has invested customs administration with great...

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Mazhar Husain  Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 Print On Demand
By Revised by Vijay Malik
  4th Edition with Supplement, 1997 (POD)
This standard work has been thoroughly revised and rewritten in view of the exhaustive amendments brought about in the Act by the Central Act No. 44 of 1986 which came into force on January 26,...

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आतंकवादी और विध्वसंक  गतिविधि (निवारण) विधि -atankvadi aur vidhvasank gatividhi nivaran vidhi(  Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  1992 Edition
The Terrorist & Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act was enacted by the Indian Govt. to curb the rise in militancy. The act has many harsh provisions besides formation of Special Courts, better ways...

Paperback: Rs. 495.00
Swamy's Compilation on CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS of Central Government Employees
By Muthuswamy, Brinda, Sanjeev
This book contains A Lucid Digest and Orders regarding - Preparation and maintenance of Annual Performance Assessment Reports;...

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Bills of Lading in  International Law and Practice by Justice T.K. Thommen
By Justice T.K. Thommen
  1985 Edition.
This book is a concise treatise on International law and practice on Bills of Lading. It provides a useful introduction to an important and complex branch of law. It is a scholarly work of high...

Paperback: Rs. 80.00