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A S Misra's Law of Bias and Mala Fides
By R. Prakash
  4th Edition, 2007
The book explains the law applicable to cases of Bias and Malafides, judicial as well as administrative, involving favouritism, prejudice, partiality,...

eBOOK: Rs.360.00 Rs.270.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.360.00 Rs.270.00 |
Indian Penal Code, 1860 (Coat Pocket Edition)
[As amended up to Act 13 of 2013]

eBOOK: Rs.395.00 Rs.295.00 | Flexibound, 4th Edition, 2015:
Rs.325.00 Rs.195.00 |
Flexibound, 5th Edition, 2017:
Rs.345.00 Rs.276.00 |
Equal Justice and Forensic Process: Truth and Myth
By V.R. Krishna Iyer (Retd. Judge)
  1st Edition 1986, Reprinted 2022

eBOOK: Rs.275.00 Rs.206.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.295.00 Rs.251.00 |
Three Lectures
By K K Mathew
  1st Edition 1983, Reprinted 2012
Justice K.K. Mathew's Three Lectures

eBOOK: Rs.350.00 Rs.263.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.350.00 Rs.298.00 |
Kanoonon ka Nirvachan (Interpretation of Statutes in Hindi)
By Y.S. Sharma
  2010 Edition
The author explains, in a very lucid and simple style, the basic principles of interpretation, the subsidiary rules of interpretation and aids to interpretation, presumptions in statutory...

Paperback: Rs. 250.00  Rs. 188.00
Arbitration Law- A Primer
By Mallika Taly
  2011 Edition
Since arbitration is a cost effective and quick way of settling disputes and has become a preferred alternative to the courts, its understanding is necessary for all entrepreneurs, managers, students,...

eBOOK: Rs.345.00 Rs.260.00 | PAPERBACK: Rs.345.00 Rs.293.00 |
TDS Ready Reckoner
By Nabhi's
  12th Reprint Edition, 2010

Paperback: Rs. 340.00  Rs. 306.00
Formation and Management of a private Company
By Nabhi's
  26th Revised Edition, 2010

Paperback: Rs. 390.00  Rs. 351.00
Systematic Approach to Indirect Taxes with Practical Problems and Solutions
By Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
  10th Edition, 2008

Paperback: Rs. 425.00  Rs. 298.00