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कंपनी विधि एक परिचय - Company Vidhi Ek Parichay (An Introduction to Company Law in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  6th, 2019
Updated as per new provisions of Companies Act, 2013 and subsequent amendments in 2015 and 2017.

PAPERBACK: Rs.295.00 Rs.251.00 | paperback, Edition:4th 2006):
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Dhaara's Practice Papers for SSC CGL(Hindi)- Sanyukt Snatak Stariya TIER-I (For Online Examination)
By Dhaara
  Edition 2017
Dhaara’s Practice Papers for SSC CGL(Hindi)– Sanyukt Snatak Stariya TIER-I (For Online Examination)

Paperbound: Rs. 275.00  Rs. 234.00
कंपनी विधि - Company Vidhi- Company Law (in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  10th Edition, 2019
The current edition of Company Vidhi has been thoroughly revised and updated in the light of recent significant legislative changes. The book provides a thorough study of all...

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परक्राम्य  लिखत -Parkramya Likhat- (Negotiable Instruments in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  6th Edition, 2012
This book deals with the three kinds of negotiable instruments recognised by the Indian Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881, viz.,...

Paperback: Rs. 195.00  Rs. 166.00
Vivah Evam Talaak Vidhi-विवाह  एवं  तलाक  विधि  [Law of Marriage and Divorce (in Hindi)]
By Basanti Lal Babel
  2nd Edition, 2017
The book on “Law of Marriage and Divorce” by the learned author Basanti Lal Babel discusses at length the law relating to...

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ए गाइड टू सिविल प्रैक्टिस - A Guide to Civil Practice (in Hindi)
By Basanti Lal Babel
  1st Edition, 2013
वकालत या...

Paperback: Rs. 525.00  Rs. 446.00
इंटरनेट  विधि  एवं  साइबर  अपराध - Internet Vidhi Evam Cyber Apradh (Internet Law and Cyber Crime in Hindi)
By Dr. Talat Fatima

Paperback: Rs. 545.00  Rs. 463.00
प्रशासनिक विधि -Prashasanik Vidhi -C.K. Takwani Administrative Law (in Hindi)
By K.C. Joshi
  3rd, 2019
The revised and updated third edition of Prashasanik Vidhi (C.K. Takwani’s Administrative Law in Hindi) contains all the major and latest case laws on...

Paperback: Rs. 395.00  Rs. 336.00
Law Dictionary  (English To Hindi)
By Kamlesh Chopra
  4th Edition, 2014
The new edition of this standard work has been further enlarged and thoroughly updated and now contains new words. The existing entries have been carefully examined and...

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