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Sampatti Antaran Adhiniyam, 1882 Aur Bharatiya Sukhachar Adhiniyam, 1982 (Transfer of Property Act, 1882 and Indian Easements Act, 1982 in Hindi)
By Murlidhar Chaturvedi
  2nd Edition, 2011
The work provides an exhaustive and dependable commentary on the existing law of Transfer of Property. प्रसिद्ध...

Paperback: Rs. 295.00  Rs. 251.00
Hindu Vidhi par Pramukh Nirnaya (Cases on Hindu Law in Hindi) (Print On Demand)
By B L Babel
  1983 Edition
Possibly one of the first compilations of its kind the book is a critical appraisal of the important judicial decisions relating to Hindu Law. Immensely useful for members of the Bench & the Bar...

Paperback: Rs. 250.00  Rs. 225.00
Bhagidari Vidhi Evam Seemit Dayitva Adhiniyam (Law of Partnership & Limited Liability Partnership Act in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  8th Edition, 2018
In the present changing scenario with several multinationals entering into Indian market the need for an effective Partnership Law is the...

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अपक्रत्य विद्यि (Law of Torts in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  2nd Edition, 2009
अपक्रत्य विद्यि Basanti Lal Babel is a well-known author of several popular and useful books....

Paperback: Rs. 235.00  Rs. 200.00
Samvida Vidhi Ke Siddhant Tatha Vinirdisht Anutosh Adhiniyam, 1963 (Law of Contract and Specific Relief Act, 1963 in Hindi)
By Avtar Singh
  11th Edition 2017, Reprinted 2022
The eleventh edition of this immensely popular classic work has been thoroughly updated and revised. The book is divide into three parts,...

Paperback: Rs. 645.00  Rs. 548.00
मध्यप्रदेश पंचायत राज अवाम ग्राम स्वराज अधिनियम- (M.P .PANCHAYAT RAJ AVAM GRAM SWARAJ ADHINIYAM IN HINDI)
  18TH 2011

Paper Back: Rs. 860.00  Rs. 688.00
मध्यप्रदेश भू-राजस्व संहिता, १९५९- Madhya Pradesh Bhu Rajsav Sanhitaa, 1959 (M.P.Land Revenue Code in Hindi)

Paper Back: Rs. 1,000.00  Rs. 800.00
Sampatti Antaran Adhiniyam, 1882 (Transfer of Property Act, 1882 in Hindi)
By B L Babel
  2nd Edition, 2006
Basanti Lal Babel is a well-known author of several popular and useful books. He has written on diverse subjects. His present work on the Transfer of Property will prove to be equally useful and...

Paperback: Rs. 175.00  Rs. 149.00
मुस्लिम विधि - Khalid Rashid Muslim Vidhi - (Muslim Law in Hindi)
By V.P. Bhartiya
  2nd Edition, 2010, Reprint 2018
This comprehensive work lucidly explains the principles of law governing Muslims in India. The new second edition of this very popular work has been thoroughly revised and updated with case law brought...

Paperback: Rs. 375.00  Rs. 319.00