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Civil Procedure with Limitation Act, 1963 With New Chapter On Commercial Courts
By C.K. Takwani

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R V Kelkar's Criminal Procedure
By K.N. Chandrasekharan Pillai

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Company Law
By Avtar Singh

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Concise Law Dictionary (Pocket)
By Sumeet Malik
This first edition of Concise Law Dictionary is the result of hard-work and painstaking research. The Dictionary contains words and concepts as defined...

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V N Shukla's Constitution of India
By Mahendra P Singh

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Law relating to  Women & Children
By Mamta Rao
  4th Edition 2018, Reprinted 2022
 The current fourth edition of this much-acclaimed workby Mamta Rao,...

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Constitutional Law: Governance Structure
By Udai Raj Rai
Constitutional Law: Governance Structure is an authoritative book dealing with the structure of government that the Indian Constitution has erected for the country’s...

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V.P. Sarathi's Law of Transfer of Property
By Mallika Taly
VP Sarathi’s Law of Transfer of Property is an authoritative commentary on the subject of Property Law. The sixth edition of...

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Constitutional Law
By Mamta Rao
  2nd Edition, 2021
The second edition of Mamta Rao’s Constitutional Law has been thoroughly revised with the latest constitutional...

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