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Murli Manohar Art of Conveyancing and Pleading by R. Prakash (Print On Demand)
By Revised by Dr R. Prakash
  2nd, 2004 (POD)
The new second edition of the work has been thoroughly revised and enlarged. It now incorporates the exhaustive amendments made in the Civil Procedure Code and other Acts and Rules and the numerous...

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A Textbook of  English Legal History
By V.D. Kulshreshtha
  3rd Edition, 2007
Kulshreshtha 's treatise 'A Text Book of English Legal History ' is primarily intended to impart knowledge of the subject to the law student and arouse his interest. The learned author has...

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Law of Monopolies, Restrictive and Unfair Trade Practices by Avtar Singh
By Dr. Avtar Singh
  3rd Edition, 1993.
This is a topic wise study of the MRTP Act. The scope and ambit of the Act, its application to industrial and trading houses, the powers of the Commission, the meaning, definition and scope of the...

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संपत्ति अंतरण अधिनियम, १८८२ -Sampatti Antaran Adhiniyam, 1882 - (Transfer of Property Act, 1882 in Hindi)
By B.L. Babel
  2nd Edition, 2006
Basanti Lal Babel is a well-known author of several popular and useful books. He has written on diverse subjects. His present work on the Transfer of Property will prove to be equally useful and...

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अपकृत्यों की विधि तथा कानूनी प्रतिकार एवम्‌ उपभोक्ता संरक्षण विधि - Apkrityon Ki Vidhi tatha  Kanooni Pratikar evam Upbhokta Sanrakshan Vidhi (Law of Torts with Law of Statutory Compensation and Consumer Protection in Hindi)
By Dr. M.D. Chaturvedi
  2nd Edition, 2008
Dr. M.D. Chaturvedi, is already well known in legal circles for his work on Indian Penal Code in Hindi, and has also been given awards for his many books by the Govt. of India (Ministry of Law, Justice...

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प्राचीन  भारतीय  विधि  व्यवस्था- Prachin Bhartiya Vidhi Vyavastha (Ancient Indian Legal System in Hindi)(Print On Demand)
By M.D. Chaturvedi
  1995 Edition (POD)
This work is a detailed in-depth study by the learned author on the subject of `Ancient Indian Legal System'. Although the work has been written with special reference to Manusmriti, other original...

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Indian Penal Code (Hindi) - भारतीय दण्ड संहिता, 1860 - Bhartiya Dand Sanhita, 1860
By Dr. Murlidhar Chaturvedi
  9th Edition, R/P 2020
Download PDF for Indian Penal Code (Hindi) Table of Contents

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Vidhishastra Evam Vidhi Ke Siddhant (Jurisprudence & Legal Theory in Hindi)
By G.C. Venkat Subbarao
  1981 Edition, Reprinted 1997
This evergreen book is an excellent attempt to explain the legal concepts and the theories of law, including its sources, in simple and understandable language. The author has discussed important...

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दण्डशास्त्र - Dandshastra (Penology in Hindi)
By Y.S. Sharma
  1999 Edition
A number of books have been written on law of crimes but a book in Hindi and presenting the crime in its modern perspectives was lacking. This book, a handy volume on the subject is an effort to...

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