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Intellectual Property
By Elizabeth Verkey and Jithin Saji Isaac
Intellectual Property law is an emerging area of law and envelopes all creative activities of mankind. The development of society being interlinked to creativity, the...

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Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights
By M. K. Bhandari
  6th Edition, 2021
•  The book on Intellectual Property Rights by Dr. M.K. Bhandari is a masterpiece on the subject. 

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Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights
By V K Ahuja
  3rd Edition, 2017
Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights comprehensively covers legal aspects governing IPRs. The book comprises analytical study of various branches of IPRs, such...

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Law of Intellectual Property
By Dr. S.R.Myneni
  11th Edition, 2021
International Conventions, WTO, WIPO, TRIPS, Copyright, Trademark, Design, Patents, Geographical Indications, Biological Diversity, Layout Designs, Undisclosed Information Protection...

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Intellectual Property Law
By Avtar Singh
  1st Edition, 2013
Intellectual Property Law by Dr. Avtar Singh is a scholarly work covering all the aspects of the subject including the latest developments...

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Law Relating to Intellectual Property
By Dr B L Wadehra
  5th Edition, 2016
In this book, the author has summed up almost every aspects of law relating to intellectual property with adequate exegesis and court rulings. This book aims to meet...

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Intellectual Property Law For Managers
By Saurabh Bindal
  2018 Edition
Intellectual Property Law for Managers provides an insight into the realm of Intellectual Property Law in India. The work is designed...

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Text Book of Intellectual Property Rights
By Acharya N K
  8th Edition, 2021

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MCQ on Intellectual Property Law
By Saurabh Bindal
  2016 Edition
Free PDF Download MCQ On...

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