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Murli Manohar Art of Conveyancing and Pleading by R. Prakash
By Revised by Dr R. Prakash
  2nd, 2004
The new second edition of the work has been thoroughly revised and enlarged. It now incorporates the exhaustive amendments made in the Civil Procedure Code and other...

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Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing
By Medha Kolhatkar
  2nd, 2020
This book has been specially designed for students pursuing the three-year or five-year degree course in law. The text...

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Shiva Gopal's Conveyancing, Precedents and Forms
By G.C. Mathur
Shiva Gopal 's Conveyancing, Precedents & Forms is a clear, succinct and practical guide to the subject, and has today assumed the...

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हस्तांतरण  लेखन  के  दृष्टान्त और  प्रपत्र - Hastantaran Lekhan ke Drishtant aur Prapatra (Conveyancing, Precedents and Forms in Hindi)
By Shiv Gopal
  3rd Edition, 2005
Shiv Gopal 's Conveyancing, Precedents & forms is a clear, succinct and practical guide to the subject, and has today assumed the position of a classic on the subject. Two editions and several...

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अभिवचनों के प्रारूपण और अभिहस्तान्तर्ण - लेखन की कला- Abhivachonon ke Prarooparn aur Abhihastaantarn - lekhan ki kala (Art of Conveyancing and Pleading in Hindi)(Print On Demand)
By Murli Manohar
  4th Edition, 2005 (POD)
In view of the current LL.B. syllabus, Pleading, Conveyancing & Drafting have been included as a compulsory subject under Practical Training. Therefore, there has been a persistent demand for a...

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Textbook on Pleadings, Drafting and Conveyancing
By Dr A B Kafaltiya
This book has been written for the purpose of enabling Law Students to understand and grasp the principles of pleadings, drafting and conveyance of proprietary rights. The short comment about the topic or chapter is...

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Pleadings-An Essential Guide
By S P Agrawal
"PaperbackPleadings assists students in their endeavour to enter active practice. The book will help students master the basics of pleadings. It is important for a student to understand that a well drafted document...

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Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing
By Universal Law Series

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