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CPC Civil Procedure (CPC) Civil Procedure (CPC) By C.K. Takwani
By C.K. Takwani

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The Limitation Act
By H P Gupta
  5th Edition, 2022
This book provides a comprehensive analysis of The Limitation Act, 1963. This edition has been thoroughly revised and updated and latest case laws have been discussed...

Paperback: Rs. 230.00  Rs. 207.00
Law of Limitation
By S R Myneni
  2nd Edition, 2021

Paperback: Rs. 540.00  Rs. 459.00
Textbook on The Limitation Act
By Shriniwas Gupta
  1st Edition, 2020
Textbook on the Limitation Act is a concise work in the field of limitation law. In a very...

Paperback: Rs. 525.00  Rs. 446.00
Code of Civil Procedure And Limitation Act
By S R Myneni
  4th Edition 2019, Reprinted 2022

Paperback: Rs. 765.00  Rs. 650.00
The Code of Civil Procedure
By Avtar Singh
  5th Edition 2019, Reprinted 2022
This scholarly work by Dr. Avtar Singh provides an unparalleled coverage of Code of Civil Procedure and is a comprehensive analysis of various legal provisions relating this Procedural Law. The...

Paperback: Rs. 430.00  Rs. 366.00
The Key to Indian Practice (A Summary of the Code of Civil Procedure)
By Mulla, K Kannan
  13th Edition, 2023
Widely acclaimed as a classic, Mulla’s The Key to Indian Practice is a lucid and succinct exposition of the important provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure. Unraveling the complexities of...

Paperback: Rs. 650.00  Rs. 553.00
Civil Procedure Code
By D N Mathur
  4th Edition, 2017 Reprint 2023

Paperback: Rs. 580.00  Rs. 493.00
The Limitation Act 1963
By J D Jain
  20th Edition, 2022

Paperback: Rs. 350.00  Rs. 315.00