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Philosopher of Raisina: Dr Zakir Hussain Memorial Lectures
By Lokendra Malik, Shabeena Anjum
  1st edition, 2016
The current legal classic is a collection of lectures delivered by eminent scholars in honour of the...

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The Constitution of India (Coat Pocket Edition)
By Gopal Sankaranarayanan

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Supreme Court  in Quest of Identity
By Gobind Das
  2nd, 2000
The Supreme Court of India is a venerated institution, half judicial tribunal, half political preceptor. It has often had to negotiate with the dominant yet shifting public...

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Making of India's Constitution [Deluxe Edition]
By H.R. Khanna
This legal classic, originally a compilation of three lectures delivered by Justice H.R. Khanna on the making of India’s Constitution has been thoroughly revamped...

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Constitutional Miscellany
By V R Krishna Iyer
  2nd Edition 2003, Reprinted 2007
This masterly work by an eminent thinker of law is a stimulating collection of essays on the Constitution of India. Our...

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Constitution of the United Kingdom
By Leyland, Peter
  2 Rev ed, 2012
The revised second edition provides a topical outline of the principles and doctrines which make up the UK's constitution. This edition has been extensively rewritten to take account of constitutional developments...

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Constitutional Law in Greece
By P.C. Spyropoulos
This book provides expert analysis of all aspects of the subject – sources, codification, elections, head of state, parliament, competences, administration, judiciary, and rights and...

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Constitutional Law EU Members: Bulgaria, Romania
By Joseph Fleuren
This book deals with the constitutional law of the two Member States that acceded to the European Union in 2007: Bulgaria and Romania. It is complementary to 'Constitutional Law of 15 EU Member...

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Judges of the Supreme Court of India: 1950 - 1989
By George H. Gadbois
Part of the Law in India series, this study presents biographies of 93 judges of the Supreme Court of India who served the Court from its inception in 1950 to 1989. The essays are based on the author's interviews with...

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