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Constitutional Crisis in the European Constitutional Area: Theory, Law and Politics in Hungary and Romania
By Armin von Bogdandy
The concept of a European Constitutional Area has been used in legal scholarship to describe a common space of constitutionalism where national...

Hardbound: Rs. 7,200.00  Rs. 6,120.00
European Union Treaties: A Commentary
By Rudolf Geiger, Daniel-Erasmus Khan, Markus Ko...
This is the new English edition of a Commentary on the basic European Treaties which has already been very successfully published in five earlier editions in...

Hardbound: Rs. 20,000.00  Rs. 17,000.00
Towards a European Legal Culture
By Genevi?ve Helleringer and Kai Purnhagen

Hardback: Rs. 30,000.00  Rs. 25,500.00
Institutionalised International Law
By Matthias Ruffert, Christian Walter
This textbook, first published in German, explains and analyses not only the structures of...

Hardbound: Rs. 7,840.00  Rs. 6,664.00
Court of Justice of the EU:  Commentary on Statute and Rules of Procedure
By Bertrand Waegenbaur
This Commentary provides for a comprehensive overview on the procedural rules of the EU Courts in Luxemburg. The substantive aspects of the legal remedies at the Court of...

Hardbound: Rs. 15,920.00  Rs. 13,532.00
A Handbook on Accession to the WTO  A WTO Secretariat Publication
By World Trade Organization
  2008 Edition
The Handbook provides the first detailed explanation and analysis of the process whereby governments become Members of the WTO. The WTO Agreement, which came into force on 1 January, 1995, provides few...

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The Legal Status of Territories Subject to Administration by International Organisations
By Bernhard Knoll
  2008 Edition
The international community's practice of administering territories in post-conflict environments has raised important legal questions. Using Kosovo as a case study, Bernhard Knoll analyses the...

Rs. 8,250.00  Rs. 7,425.00
The Law and Policy of the World Trade Organization  Text, Cases & Materials
By Peter Van den Bossche
  2nd Edition, 2008
As the leading student text in the field, this title provides both a detailed examination of the law of the World Trade Organization and a clear introduction to the basic principles and underlying logic...

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International Institutions and National Policies
By Xinyuan Dai
  2007 Edition
Introduces an alternative framework to explain how international institutions influence national policies. Uses a new theoretical framework to address central questions in...

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