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European State Aid Law - A Commentary
By Franz Jurgen Sacker, Frank Montag
The regulation of state aid belongs to the core areas of European Union law. Without the general prohibition of state subsidies to undertakings...

Hardback: Rs. 28,000.00  Rs. 23,800.00
European Labour Law
By Gregor Thusing
In the beginning Labour Law and Social Security Law were of little significance in the development of European Law. They only played a very minor role in the founding...

Paperback: Rs. 6,320.00  Rs. 5,372.00
Brussels Commentary on EU Maritime Transport Law
By Henning Jessen, and Michael Jurgen Werner
Waterborne transport is of crucial importance within the European Union. Alomost 90% of the EU...

Hardbound: Rs. 23,840.00  Rs. 20,264.00
Court of Justice of the EU:  Commentary on Statute and Rules of Procedure
By Bertrand Waegenbaur
This Commentary provides for a comprehensive overview on the procedural rules of the EU Courts in Luxemburg. The substantive aspects of the legal remedies at the Court of...

Hardbound: Rs. 15,920.00  Rs. 13,532.00
European Distribution Law: A Handbook
By Michael Martinek, Eckhard Flohr
This handbook covers the European law of distribution, as constituted by the European primary and secondary legislation, judgments of the European courts and the supreme...

Hardbound: Rs. 24,000.00  Rs. 20,400.00
European Insolvency Law
By Burkhard Hess, Paul Oberhammer and Thomas Pfe...

Hardback: Rs. 19,200.00  Rs. 16,320.00
The German Limited Liability Company
By Rosengarten
An introduction to the Act on Limited Liability Companies with German/English text, synoptically arranged, of the act, a sample of articles of association, samples of the...

Hardbound: Rs. 5,625.00  Rs. 4,500.00
International Investment Law
By Marc Bungenberg, Jorn Griebel, Stephan Hobe, ...
The purpose of the handbook is to provide practitioners and legal scholars with a comprehensive...

Hardback: Rs. 23,840.00  Rs. 20,264.00
The Family Law Reports of Nigeria. (Vol. 1 - 8)
By Olatokunbo John Bamgbose ( Editor)
  (Set of 8 Volumes)
The Family Law Reports of Nigeria (FLRN), other than dissolution of marriages, addresses issues that pertain to inheritance; child custody; property and land rights...

Paperback: Rs. 28,500.00  Rs. 25,650.00