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The Family Law Reports of Nigeria. (Vol. 1 - 8)
By Olatokunbo John Bamgbose ( Editor)
  (Set of 8 Volumes)
The Family Law Reports of Nigeria (FLRN), other than dissolution of marriages, addresses issues that pertain to inheritance; child custody; property and land rights...

Paperback: Rs. 28,500.00  Rs. 25,650.00
B.B. Mitras The Indian Succession Act
By Sukumar Ray
  15th Edition, 2013, Reprinted 2019
The new edition discusses elaborately on different issues including the applicability of the Act to tribals, consanguinity, domicile, power of...

Hardback: Rs. 1,450.00  Rs. 1,160.00
Commentary on The Hindu Succession Act, 1956
By Chief Justice Dr B Malik
  5th Edition, 2022
Malik B.'s : Commentary on The Hindu Succession Act, 1956, 5th New Edition, 2022

Hardback: Rs. 1,795.00  Rs. 1,436.00
S A Kader's The Hindu Succession Act, 1956
By D. P. Dey
  3rd Edition, 2022
Hindu religion, being bedrock of Hindu Law, is a reflection of the composite character of the Hindus, who are not one people but many, based on...

Hardback: Rs. 1,125.00  Rs. 900.00
The Succession Certificate (Grant and Revocation) with updated case laws
By Kumar Keshav, Y.P. Bhagat

Hardback: Rs. 990.00  Rs. 792.00
Law relating to WILLS, Nomination & Succession
  2nd Edition, 2021

Book: Rs. 695.00  Rs. 591.00
Family Law on Divorce and Judicial Separation
By N. Akhtar

Hardbound: Rs. 1,500.00  Rs. 1,350.00
Family Law Manual - with Digest of Transfer of Matrimonial Cases, Digest of Will Cases and Subject Index by Sumeet Malik
By Sumeet Malik
  2nd Edition, 2015
The current edition of the work is comprehensive and exhaustive compilation of statutory law on the area of family law alongwith extracts from other statutes which may be...

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