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Woman Know Thyself - Law Relating to Women in India
By Dr. Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal & Hasan Kh...
  1st Edition, 2016
Today, we frequently hear the cacophony about crime against women; women’s nightmares as well as women empowerment. The newspapers’ pages and T.V. channel programmes are flooded with reports on such matters;...

Hardback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 506.00
Law Relating to Sexual Harassment at Work
By Alok Bhasin
  2nd Edition, 2015

HARDBACK: Rs.1250.00 Rs.1063.00 |
Women's Consumer Rights and their Awareness
By R. Nageswari, S. Gokilavani

Rs. 820.00  Rs. 738.00
Welfare Reform and Sexual Regulation
By Anna Marie Smith
  2007 Edition
This book considers the 1996-2006 welfare laws in the United States from a feminist perspective. It focuses on the way the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program intervenes in the personal lives...

PAPERBACK: Rs.1649.00 Rs.1484.00 |
Domestic Violence against Women: Legal Control and Judicial Response
By Preeti Misra

Hardcover: Rs. 1,580.00  Rs. 1,422.00
Criminal Abuse of Women and Children
By Obi N.I. Ebbe and Dilip K. Das
Written by international leaders with firsthand knowledge of the issues, this book investigates criminal and non-criminal abuses of women and children. Following an introduction to the historical...

Rs. 5,354.00  Rs. 4,551.00
Surrogacy in India - A Law in the Making
By Anil Malhotra & Ranjit Malhotra
  2nd Edition, 2016
Despite the legal, moral and social complexities that shroud surrogacy, there is nothing stopping people from exploring the possiblility of becoming a parent. Women who may choose to `rent` there womb for a a surrogate...

Hardback: Rs. 750.00  Rs. 638.00