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Supreme Court on Equity Estoppel Acquiescence and Waiver
By Surendra Malik And Sudeep Malik
  2015 Edition
The study of Equity is interesting yet...

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Liberty, Equality and Justice - Struggles for a New Social Order
By S.P. Sathe and Sathya Narayan
This commemorative volume celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of the ILS Law College, Pune, and contains a variety of essays by well known legal experts, focussing on liberty, equality and justice, which...

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Snell's Equity
By John McGhee, Steven Elliott, Stuart Bridge, M...
  34th Edition 2021 with 2nd Supplement
Snell's Equity provides in-depth commentary and analysis of the law of equity and offers interpretation of how the different rules can be...

Hardback: Rs. 45,780.00  Rs. 41,202.00
Snell's Equity
By McGhee, John, QC
  33 Revised Edition 2015

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Goyle's Law of Specific Performance
By S K Pathak
  5th Edition, 2020
Specific performance, with its genesis in Equity and progression with contemporary desideratum, has come to pervade the domain of Civil Law, in...

Hardback: Rs. 1,650.00  Rs. 1,403.00
Law Relating to Estoppel
By Malik
  5th Edition, 2022
Law Relating to Estoppel

Hardback: Rs. 1,195.00  Rs. 956.00
Law of Estoppel
By Nayan Joshi
Law of Estoppel by Nayan Joshi

Paperback: Rs. 375.00  Rs. 319.00
Estoppel By Conduct And Election (South Asian Edition)
By K R Handley
  2nd Edition, 2017
One of the strongest justifications for this publication remains the fact that the examined doctrine is one of the most complex areas of modern law and requires...

Hardback: Rs. 3,500.00  Rs. 3,150.00
Law Relating to Specific Performance
By Ram Shelkar
  3rd Edition 2020, Reprinted 2023
Law Relating to Specific Performance by Ram Shelkar

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