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Laws Relating to Electricity in India
By P.K Sarkar
  1st Edition, 2011
A reliable commentary on the subject by an experienced author appears with the fresh issues. The beginning chapter, ‘Electricity Fundamentals, has discussed how electrical energy is generated, controlled,...

Hardback: Rs. 1,390.00  Rs. 1,112.00
Commentary on the Electricity Laws of India
By S K Chatterjee
  3rd Edition 2019, Reprinted 2022
Commentary on the Electricity Laws of India with State Reforms

Hardback: Rs. 3,995.00  Rs. 3,196.00
Shiva Gopal's Law relating to Electricity (Print On Demand)
By Justice V.K. Mehrotra
  7th Edition

Paperback: Rs. 1,610.00  Rs. 1,449.00
Postal and Courier Services  and The Consumer
By J.V.N. Jaiswal
  1st Edition, 2004
With the increase in the pace of the economy and the pressures on the Post Offices and the courier companies, instances of misdelivery, non-delivery and loss of postal articles entrusted to these...

eBOOK: Rs.275.00 Rs.206.00 | PAPERBACK: Rs.275.00 Rs.206.00 |
Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966 [Old Edition]
By Hasan Askari
  3rd Edition 1998, Reprinted 2000
This standard work consolidates the law relating to inquiry and investigation under the Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966, in the light of the important interpretations given by the Hon...

eBOOK: Rs.910.00 Rs.680.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.910.00 Rs.819.00 |
Railway Security Manual
By S. K. Dubey
  1st Edition, 2015
Railway Security Manual by S.K. Dubey is a comprehensive manual dealing with myriad facets of Railway Security. ...

eBOOK: Rs.975.00 Rs.735.00 | HARDBACK: Rs.975.00 Rs.731.00 |
Guide to the Electricity Laws
By Naushir Bharucha
  5th Edition, 2018
Naushir Bharucha\'s Guide to the Electricity Laws - An Exhaustive Commentary on the Electricity Acts, 2003 and the Electricity Rules, 2005 with CERC Rules Regulations Ever since the publication...

Hardback: Rs. 3,295.00  Rs. 2,801.00
The Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act, 1966
By Hasan Askari
  2nd Edition, 2022
Hasan Askari Railway Property ( Unlawful Possession ) Act, 1966 And Procedure Along With Railway Protection Force Act 1957 , Rules 1987 2nd Edn. 2022

Hardback: Rs. 1,980.00  Rs. 1,782.00
Electricity Act, 2003
By Justice M. R. Mallick
This book contains the commentary on the Indian Electricity Act, 2003 alongwith relevant Rules and Regulations.

Hardback: Rs. 1,695.00  Rs. 1,526.00