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Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution
By Evan Gerstmann
  2nd Edition, 2008
There is long-standing constitutional protection of the right to marry that applies to same-sex couples. Evan Gerstmann concludes not only that the Constitution protects same-sex marriage but also that...

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Special Economic Zones: Policies and Procedures
By Arjya B Majumdar
  2009 Edition
In the last few years, the number of SEZs in India have been growing at a rather fast pace. In 2008, certain questions were raised as to the policy of the Central Government of allowing a plethora of...

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Objectivity and the Rule of Law
By Matthew Kramer
  2007 Edition
As Matthew H. Kramer shows, objectivity and the rule of law are complicated phenomena, each comprising a number of distinct though overlapping dimensions. Although the connections between objectivity and...

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Freedom of Expression
By Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich
This book takes a multidisciplinary approach to the issues surrounding freedom of expression, looking at the current legal position in a number of European countries and the EU as well as engaging with...

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The Currency of Justice
By Pat O'Malley
 The Currency of Justice examines the broad implications of the ‘monetization of justice’ as more and more of life is regulated through this single medium. Money not only links...

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International Handbook of Victimology
Exploring topics such as conceptions of victimhood, secondary and hidden victimization, and social services for victims along with more recent issues, this handbook deals with the themes such as restorative justice, the...

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The Law of Restitution
By Professor Andrew Grubb
This book is a practical reference work, covering a wide range of topics in an area that has undergone rapid development. The text is written clearly and succinctly, and is authored by academic and...

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Handbook of Restorative Justice
A collection of original essays that offer a critical assessment of the theory, principles and practices of restorative justice around the globe. This volume explores various methods of responding nonviolently to harms...

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Law, Democracy and Solidarity in a Post-national Union: The unsettled political order of Europe
To many, the rejections of the Constitutional Treaty by Dutch and French voters in 2005 came as a shock. However, given the many tensions and the many unresolved issues it was quite unsurprising. The challenges...

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