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Avtar Singh's Law of Contract & Specific Relief
By Rajesh Kapoor
Avtar Singh’s Law of Contract and Specific Relief  is an authoritative and most sought after book on the subject. The book deals with the intricacies of contract...

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Evolution of the State bank of India
By Amiya Bagchi
The origins of the State Bank of India can be traced back two hundred years to the establishment of the Bank of Calcutta. The keen interest shown by the directors of the bank in...

PB: Rs. 1,295.00  Rs. 1,101.00
New World Economy : Changing Dimensions of 'Commerce Clause'
By Swarupama Chaturvedi
This is a commercial age and the concept of commerce has undergone a radical change almost in every part of the world. Business through Internet (E-commerce) is now an accepted mode of commerce. With...

HB: Rs. 750.00  Rs. 675.00
Beyond the Law   The Bush Administration's Unlawful Responses in the War on Terror
By Jordan J. Paust
  2007 Edition
This book details violations of international law authorized by secret memos and orders of the Bush administration. In particular, it describes erroneous executive claims, illegal authorizations,...

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Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect its Children
By Marci A. Hamilton
There is a silent epidemic of childhood sexual abuse in the United States and a legal system that is not effectively protecting children from predators. Recent coverage of widespread abuse in the public schools and in...

Hardback: Rs. 2,199.00
Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution
By Evan Gerstmann
  2nd Edition, 2008
There is long-standing constitutional protection of the right to marry that applies to same-sex couples. Evan Gerstmann concludes not only that the Constitution protects same-sex marriage but also that...

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Childrens Lifeworlds: Gender, Welfare and Labour in the Developing World
By Olga Nieuwenhuys
Childrens Lifeworlds is a landmark. It represents a depth of fieldwork exploration that enables the author to challenge current definitions of child labour and to offer insights based on the analysis of...

Rs. 510.00  Rs. 433.00
Dimensions Of Cyber Crime
By S.R. Sharma
In The Age Of Computer And Internet Cyber Crimes Have Emerged On The Scene Which Requires Special Techniques Of Investigation And Detection. The Present Work Highlights Some Important Issues On The...

Rs. 1,800.00  Rs. 1,530.00
Special Economic Zones: Policies and Procedures
By Arjya B Majumdar
  2009 Edition
In the last few years, the number of SEZs in India have been growing at a rather fast pace. In 2008, certain questions were raised as to the policy of the Central Government of allowing a plethora of...

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