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Tamil Nadu Human Development Report
THIS IS Tamil Nadus first Human Development Report. Tamil Nadu has fared very well in human development among the states in India. It needs to be noted, however, that there are vast variations in the...

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Social and Economic Profile of India
By Peeyush Bajpai, Laveesh Bhandari and Aali Sin...
Social & Economic Profile of India is the only book of its kind on India in Economic Geography. According to a reviewer, there are some strong GIS systems, and there are strong spatial databases. This...

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Reforming Indias Social Sector: Poverty, Nutrition, Health And Education
By Edited by K. Seeta Prabhu and R. Sudarshan
IT IS WIDELY believed that economic reforms widen inequalities in societies which are already highly unequal and the impact of economic reforms on social sectors, particularly in developing economies...

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Sikkim Human Development Report 2001
By Mahendra P. Lama
VERY LITTLE is known about Sikkim. This book outlines its development since it became a part of the Indian Union in 1975. It covers subjects such as population, poverty and planning; health, education...

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Econometric Study Of Spatial Population Mobility In India
By Anju Kohli
This Book Deals With The Need And Importance Of Spatial Mobility. Mobility Is Product Of The Social, Cultural Economic, Political Or Physical Circumstances In Which Societies And Individuals Find...

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Population Challenge And Family Welfare In India
By S.M. Mehta
Population Challenge And Family Welfare In India Is Related To The Population Explosion Problem Which Most Of The Countries In The World Are Facing Today, Specially The Developing Nations. This Subject...

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Relevance Of Modernization To Population Change
By Dr. Pothukuchi Purushotham Shastri

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2001 Census as Social Document
By A. Kumar
Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Agency for carrying out enumeration. 3. Method, nature and unit of enumeration. 4. Census and ethnography. 5. Significance of Census data. 6. The social...

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Population Geography
By S.A. Qazi and Navaid Shabir Qazi
  Reprinted 2010
Contents: 1. Introduction to population geography. 2. Distribution and density of population. 3. Spatial movement of population. 4. Growth of population-birth and death rates. 5. Patterns of population...

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