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Ground Control: The Death and Life of British Cities
By Anna Minton
Were increasingly aware of living in a society plagued by fear and unhappiness. Even when actual levels of crime are reduced, fear of crime is on the up. How did this happen and what can we do about...

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Castle Rackrent & Ennui
By Maria Edgeworth
Thady Quirk, devoted steward to the decaying estate of the Rackrent family, narrates a riotous story of four generations of a dying dynasty in Castle Rackrent (1800). Thady will defend his masters to the...

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The Islamic World and the West [2000 Edition] [Hardback]
The anthology is an introduction to political cultures in the Islamic world and into relations between the West and Islam. It outlines similarities and differences in the understanding, perception and...

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The Communist Manifesto (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)
By Karl Marx
One of the most important and influential political theories ever formulated, The Communist Manifesto is a revolutionary summons to the working class-an incisive account of a new theory of communism that...

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Times of Change
By Ho
A Hong Kong native who joined the expatriate dominated civil service of that territory, the author describes the institutional barriers he encountered. Prejudice and frustrations notwithstanding, he...

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The Making of Elite Women
By Muller
This book is a thorough study about the upcoming of elite women in Eritrea, encompassing the time of the armed struggle for liberation as well as its aftermath up to the tenth anniversary of Eritrean...

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Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre
By Dana Thomas
Fashion may be fabulous, but what price true luxury? With incredible access to the glamorous world of the luxury brand, Deluxe goes deep inside the workings of todays world of profit margins and market...

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Going Sane
By Adam Phillips
Volumes have been dedicated to madness, but sanity is rarely mentioned. We can define the mad, but how do we classify the sane? In Going Sane, psychoanalyst and writer Adam Phillips delves deep into...

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Pakistan on the Brink: The future of Pakistan, Afghanistan and the West
By Ahmed Rashid
With Bin Laden dead, Pakistan threatened by internal power struggles, relationships between the United States and Pakistan at an all-time low, and as the US and Britain begin their withdrawal from...

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