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Reforming Indias Social Sector: Poverty, Nutrition, Health And Education
By Edited by K. Seeta Prabhu and R. Sudarshan
IT IS WIDELY believed that economic reforms widen inequalities in societies which are already highly unequal and the impact of economic reforms on social sectors, particularly in developing economies...

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Reproductive Health in India: History, Politics, Controversies
By Edited by Sarah Hodges
Within the scholarly fields of demography, development studies, medical anthropology and public policy, the history of reproduction has been dominated by preconceived and often a-historical ideas about...

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Pharma Forestry Field Guide to Medicinal Plants provides information on all related aspects of medicinal plants. Distribution, Identification, Medicinal uses, Cultivation, Marketing, and Legal aspects...

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Advances in Medicinal Plants
By Reddy, K. Janardhan, Bahadur, Bir, Bhadraiah...
Medicinal plants are natures hidden and to a large extent unexplored treasure. Although they have been used as a source of safe and effective medicine since time immemorial, this potential resource has...

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Standard Operating Procedures: For Hospital in India
By Arun Agrawal

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The Commentary of al-Nayrizi on Book I of Euclid's Elements of Geometry
For more than two millennia, the Elements of Geometry by the Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria (ca. 300 B.C.E. ) was held to be ?the supreme example of the exercise of human reason? and ?a paradigm...

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The Medicinal Use of Opium in Ninth-Century Baghdad
By Tibi
This book examines the knowledge and therapeutic use of opium and various species of poppy by physicians in ninth-century Baghdad (the leading medical centre then) as seen in key works by six outstanding...

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Medicine, Public Health and the Qjr State
By Ebrahimnejad
The starting-point for this volume is a previously unstudied nineteenth-century Persian text concerning hospital reform, and of great importance for understanding the history of medical care in nineteenth...

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Catalogue of Jyotia Manuscripts in the Wellcome Library
By Pingree
The renowned Wellcome Library houses a number of ? often literally ? unique and rare Sanskrit and Indian vernacular manuscripts, collected by Sir Henry Wellcome himself in the early twentieth century.The...

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