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Swami Dayanand Saraswati An Educational Philosopher
By N.L. Gupta
A Widespectrum Person, Swami Dayanand Was A Great Scholar, Orator, Author, Teacher, Freedomfighter, Educationist Etc. Over And Above He Was A Great Pathmaker Of Modern India. But His Contribution To The...

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Sufism and Bhakti Movement : Eternal Relevance
By Hamid Hussain
"Medieval period witnessed socio-religious movements--Sufi and Bhakti, that attempted to harmonise social relationship. The great saints of the period propagated human brotherhood that led to far...

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Hindu Wife, Hindu Nation: Community, Religion and Cultural Nationalism
This book is a brilliant historicisation and scathing critique of many of the dominant concepts by which Indians generally, and north Indian Hindus more specifically, think and live today. Historians,...

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On the Waterfront: Water Distribution, Technology and Agrarian Change in a South Indian Canal Irrigation System
This book analyses the struggle over water in a large-scale irrigation system in Raichur District, Karnataka, South India. It looks at water control as a simultaneously technical, managerial and...

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Journey into Islam
By Akbar Ahmed
‘Why?’ Years after September 11, we are still looking for answers. Internationally renowned Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed knew that this question could not be answered until Islam and...

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Lived Islam in South Asia: Adaptation, Accommodation and Conflict
By Edited by Imtiaz Ahmad and Helmut Reifeld
Lived Islam in South Asia: Adaptation, Accommodation and Conflict is an extremely timely and important publication. Fourteen interesting papers, based on intensive fieldwork in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan...

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Indian Religions: The Spiritual Traditions of South Asia -  An Anthology
By Peter Heehs (Ed.)
This book is meant for people interested in Indian religion, literature, history and general culture. While scholarly in its presentation and based on the most up-to-date literature, it is meant as an...

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Religion and Personal Law in Secular India: A Call to Judgement
By Edited by Gerald James Larson
THIS BOOK provides a comprehensive look into the issues and challenges that India faces as it tries to put a uniform civil code into practice. Scholars representing a wide range of disciplines, from both...

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Intimate Other, The - Love Divine in Indic Religions
By Edited by Anna S King and John Brockington
The Intimate Other explores the theme of the devotional element in Indic Religions not only in Hinduism in which bhakti has become the dominant form, but also in Budhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Islam. The...

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