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Neither Roses nor Thorns
By H.R. Khanna
  1987 with Reprinted 2021
(30th Anniversary Edition) When Justice Khanna delivered his dissenting judgement in the famous Habeas...

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Basic Structure Constitutionalism- Revisiting Kesavananda Bharati
By Sanjay S. Jain and Sathya Narayan
  2011 Edition
"...an intellectually stimulating volume in honour of Mr H.M. Seervai and Mr N.A. Palkhivala. This volume is indeed worth reading..."

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Nani Palkhivala - A Role Model (With free) Audio CD Containing speech by Nani Palkhivala)
By Nilendra Kumar Maj. Gen.
  3rd Edition, 2009
Nani Palkhivala was indeed a great human being and also an advocate of advocates. A P J Abdul Kalam *For many of us he was a friend, philospher, and guide to whom we could always turn for sane advise....

Paperback: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 421.00
Making of India's Constitution [Deluxe Edition]
By H.R. Khanna
  2nd Edition 2008, (Reprinted 2015)
This legal classic, originally a compilation of three lectures delivered by Justice H.R. Khanna on the making of India’s Constitution has been thoroughly revamped...

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Lectures on Constitutional Law (with Power Point Presentation)
By Shatakshi Johri
  1st Ed. 2016

Paperback: Rs. 240.00  Rs. 216.00
World Constitutions (Constitutional Texts and Comparative Study)
By June L. Dsouza
  1st Ed. (Rep.) 2019

Hardback: Rs. 630.00  Rs. 567.00
Right to Information Act, 2005 : An Analysis
By A. S. Yadav
  4th Ed.(Rep.) 2019

Paperback: Rs. 250.00  Rs. 225.00
Human Rights and Anti-Terrorism Laws in India
By Dr. Kavita Singh
  1st Ed.(Rep) 2014 (HB)

Hardback: Rs. 680.00  Rs. 578.00
Protection & Promotion of Human Rights in India
By Dr. Sharma, Jaswal
  1st Ed. 2010(HB)

Hardback: Rs. 560.00  Rs. 476.00