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Banking And Negotiable Instruments - Law and Practice
By P. Vasantha Kumar
  1st Edition, 2020
The learned author has written the book with the objective to make the non-law and non-commerce readers grasp the subject...

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Banking and Negotiable Instruments
By Avtar Singh
Banking and Negotiable...

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Banking Law and Negotiable Instruments Act
By Bimal N. Patel
  1st Edition, 2015
The Banking Law and Negotiable Instruments Act provides a very precise, clear...

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Banking Law for Managers
By Prof. (Dr.) Bimal N. Patel, Dr. Dolly Jabbal,...
  2018 Edition
Banking Law for Managers is designed to make it easier for managers in companies and institutes to perform their roles in accordance...

Paperback: Rs. 295.00  Rs. 251.00
Eazy Cases: Banking Law
By Bimal N. Patel, Dolly Jabbal and Prachi V. Mo...
  2014 Edition
This book covers cases under all important topics such as Public and Private Sector Banks, Technology and Banking, Relationship between...

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Banking Law and Practice in India (In 4 Volumes)
By M L Tannan
  29th Edition, 2021
M L Tannan Banking Law and Practice in India is a comprehensive reference work discussing the operational and regulatory aspects of banking laws. The commentary in volume 1 and 2 is arranged thematically explaining...

Hardcover: Rs. 8,295.00  Rs. 7,051.00
Banking Law & Practice in India
By M L Tannan
  28th Edition, 2021
M L Tannan Banking Law and Practice in India is an indispensable reference providing an in-depth study of this highly specialized branch of law. Retaining the essence of the original work, this new edition is concise...

Paperback: Rs. 2,495.00  Rs. 2,121.00
Banker’s Manual- A commentary on Banking Laws and Allied Acts
By M L Tannan
  26th Edition, 2019
Widely acclaimed as a classic, Tannan’s Banker’s Manual (A Commentary on Banking Laws and Allied Acts) captures the history of banking law...

Hardback: Rs. 6,995.00  Rs. 5,946.00
The Banking Law in Theory and Practice (In 3 Volumes)
By S N Gupta
  6th Edition, 2017
This book covers historical data on banking and covers the current situations and positions in a lucid way. In addition to dealing with variety of situations which may arise between a banker and customer it deals...

Hardback: Rs. 4,750.00  Rs. 4,038.00