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Banking And Negotiable Instruments: Law and Practice
By P Vasantha Kumar
  1st Edition, 2020
The learned author...

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Banking Law and Practice in India (In 4 Volumes)
By M L Tannan, Rajesh Narain Gupta
  29th Edition, 2021
M L Tannan Banking Law and Practice in India is a comprehensive reference work discussing the operational and regulatory aspects of banking laws. The commentary in volume 1 and 2 is arranged...

Hardcover: Rs. 8,495.00  Rs. 7,221.00
Banking Law & Practice in India
By M L Tannan, Vinod Kothari
  28th Edition, 2021
M L Tannan Banking Law and Practice in India is an indispensable reference providing an in-depth study of this highly specialized branch of law. Retaining the essence of the original work, this...

Paperback: Rs. 2,795.00  Rs. 2,376.00
Banker's Manual- A Commentary on Banking Laws and Allied Acts
By M L Tannan
  26th Edition, 2019
Widely acclaimed as a classic, Tannan\'s Banker\'s Manual (A Commentary on Banking Laws and Allied Acts) captures the history of banking law and takes us through all the substantial developments...

Hardback: Rs. 6,995.00  Rs. 5,946.00
The Banking Law in Theory and Practice (In 3 Volumes)
By S N Gupta, Rajesh Narain Gupta
  6th Edition, 2017
This book covers historical data on banking and covers the current situations and positions in a lucid way. In addition to dealing with variety...

Hardback: Rs. 5,495.00  Rs. 4,671.00
Banking Principles and Operations
By M. N. Gopinath
  7th Edition 2017, Reprint 2021
A book to familiarize new employees of banks and students aspiring for a career in banks, with all the services and products offered by banks, how they are delivered and also the relevant legal and regulatory...

Paperback: Rs. 995.00  Rs. 896.00
Supreme Court on Dishonour of Cheques And Negotiable Instruments (1950-2016) (in 2 Volumes)
By Surendra Malik And Sudeep Malik
This comprehensive compendium covers more than six decades of the Supreme Court's rulings on the subject. Volume 1, released in 2013 covers the period 1950-2013. Since then there has been...

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P.L. Malik's Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 with Exhaustive notes on Dishonour of Cheques
By Sumeet Malik
  3rd Edition, 2016
The work covers Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 alongwith exhaustive notes on Dishonour of Cheques.

eBOOK: Rs.175.00 Rs.131.00 | PAPERBACK: Rs.175.00 Rs.149.00 |
Law Relating to Negotiable Instruments Act
By S Krishnamurthy Aiyar, S K Sarvaria
  14th Edition, 2022
S Krishnamurthi Aiyar Law Relating to Negotiable Instruments Act is an acclaimed treatise providing extensive and analytical study on the subject of negotiable instruments. The book provides...

Hardback: Rs. 2,595.00  Rs. 2,206.00