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Industrial Jurisprudence–A Critical Commentary
By E M Rao
Industrial Jurisprudence: A Critical Commentary is a comprehensive work with a novel approach on the principles of industrial jurisprudence and interpretation of labour statutes. Covering almost every conceivable aspect...

Paperback: Rs. 950.00  Rs. 855.00
New Industrial & Labour Codes
By Kharbanda
  1st Edition, 2021

Paperback: Rs. 595.00  Rs. 506.00
Labour Laws For Everyday Made Easy
By S.D. Puri and Sundeep Puri
  7th Edition July 2017

Paperback: Rs. 550.00  Rs. 495.00
Law Relating to Leave, Holidays and Absenteeism in Industries
By H L Kumar
This book became popular with its very first edition because of its clarity of the provision of law, procedure for availing and grant of leave, action for availing leave on false ground or absenting from duty,...

Paperback: Rs. 375.00  Rs. 338.00
Compliances under Labour Laws - A User's Guide to adhere with the provisions under various employment related Acts
By H L Kumar
Laws-in-general are required to be strictly followed and when it comes to ‘Labour laws' the need for compliance becomes all the more necessary. Equally, the number of statutes covered under the umbrella term ‘Labour...

Paperback: Rs. 625.00  Rs. 563.00
Child Labour- Law and its Implementation
By S C Srivastava
The Prohibition of Child Labour as a concept and also as a solemn objective has not only national dimensions, but finds a place in international conventions as well. In India, the grundnorm, the Constitution of India...

Paperback: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 446.00
Dismissal, Discharge, Termination of Service and Punishment
By L C Malhotra
  13th Edition, 2018
The book Dismissal, Discharge, Termination of Service and Punishment is a voluminous repository of knowledge on the subject matter. For the understanding of the employees in various establishment matters, this book is...

Hardback: Rs. 2,195.00  Rs. 1,866.00
This book is driven by a quest to re-regulate work to reduce informality and inequality, and promote a living wage for more people across the world. It presents the findings of a...

Hardback: Rs. 4,600.00  Rs. 3,910.00
Handbook of Compliances under Labour Laws
By Som Nath Munjal and Saurabh Munjal
  1st Edition, 2019
This is a very well researched, comprehensive and to the point book on the labour laws. It has been outlined keeping in mind especially the requirements...

Paperback: Rs. 995.00  Rs. 896.00