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“The entire ordering process was hassle free. I am going to purchase one more copy for my friend”
V Jayakumar
“My first order of 2 books were packaged very safely and reached me on time. Truly appreciate the care you have taken in packaging the books. Love this webpage will buy many more from you and definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks a million EBC Web Store. You are awesome.”
Bhanu Puti
“I'm speechless after i did unboxing, Excellent!”
Jayraj Dabhi
“I am totally surprised by seeing the constitution of India coat pocket edition red book. At very first I saw it in the hands of Shri Rahul Gandhi and I was surprised that such a small book but it holds the vast sea of knowledge. Today I received the book with very appropriate packaging. Thanks to the government of India. This book has higher values and morals. I will take care of this book with utmost values .”
Abhishek Bhattacharya
“Nice packaging but it could have been enhanced my book got small bents around the corner”
Shivansh Mishra