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1. Intellectual Property Rights

The contents, design of the site, any material on this site and the software on this site or which operates this site are copyright of Eastern Book Company, Lucknow and its associates and/or its licensors. The User is not permitted to use or reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce.

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3. Non-grant of licence
The permission to view and temporarily store pages for personal and non-commercial use cannot be deemed to be a license granting any rights to the User except the permission to view and temporarily store the pages for personal non-commercial use of ebc-india.com. Any use of ebc-india.com content not specifically permitted above is expressly prohibited. Requests for permission for other uses may be sent to us at: Eastern Book Company, 34, Lalbagh, Lucknow - 226001 or e-mailed to us at: legal@ebc-india.com.

Facets of Media Law- A mini encyclopaedia covering multiple dimensions of media law
By Madhavi Goradia Div
Click on TITLE to choose
available options.
Gumnami Baba-A Case History (Pre-publication)
By Adheer Som
Click on TITLE to choose
available options.
Vivah Evam Talaak Vidhi [Law of Marriage and Divorce (in Hindi)]
By Basanti Lal Babel
Rs. 550.00  Rs. 468.00
Law relating to  Women & Children
By Mamta Rao
Rs. 790.00  Rs. 672.00
Supreme Court Yearly Digest 2017 (Pre-publication)
By Surendra Malik, Sum
Rs. 2,490.00  Rs. 2,250.00
SCC (Criminal) PLUS SCC (Civil) 2018 - Combo Offer
Rs. 6,200.00  Rs. 5,750.00
The Practical Lawyer - Supreme Court Interprets
Click on TITLE to choose
available options.
Law of Writs Volume II - eBook
By V.G. Ramachandran
Click on TITLE to choose
available options.
Indian Penal Code (Hindi) - भारतीय दण्ड संहिता, 1860 - Bhartiya Dand Sanhita, 1860
By Dr. Murlidhar Chatu
Rs. 345.00  Rs. 224.00
Swamy's Handbook for CGS 2018
By Muthuswamy
Rs. 400.00  Rs. 360.00
The Practical Lawyer - PLW [Annual Subscription]
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available options.
Constitution of India (in Hindi) - भारत का संविधान- Bharat ka Samvidhan [Pocket Edition]
Rs. 145.00  Rs. 116.00
Companies Act 2013 [As amended by Finance Act, 2017]
Rs. 945.00  Rs. 803.00
Supreme Court Cases - SCC
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available options.
Civil And Criminal Manual - Containing CPC with Limitation Act, CrPC, IPC and Evidence Act (Coat Pocket Edition)
Rs. 1,585.00  Rs. 1,347.00
V.N. Shukla's Constitution of India
By Prof (Dr.) Mahendra
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available options.