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EBC Learning Live Online Course: Upskill Diploma in Advanced Intellectual Property Rights
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EBC Learning Live Online Course: Upskill Diploma in Advanced Intellectual Property Rights

by EBC Learning
Edition: 2023
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Format: Video
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
Language: English
Date Added: 2023-09-07
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Jurisdiction: Indian


Upskill Diploma in Advanced Intellectual Property Rights - EBC Learning & CII


Intellectual property rights involve identifying intangible assets, prioritising them according to the business needs, safeguarding and exploiting them. A robust management of the IP portfolio is essential if it has to be exploited to the fullest extent in terms of revenue, reputation and market share.

The Upskill Diploma in Advanced Intellectual Property Rights Programme is designed by professionals to bring comprehensive understanding of every stage involved in the life cycle of intellectual property. The course is useful for aspirants who wish to further specialise in intellectual property and engage in the IP domain. Conceptual and case-based learning would help you develop a deeper insight into the subject of IP.



Learn about the fundamental concepts of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in our comprehensive online course. Understand the different types of IPR and how they can be protected in today's business environment.
Learn about the course

This course brings out the procedural aspects of IP registration and the stages involved therein, which include prior art search, filing procedures, office actions and responses and opposition of IP registration.

Learn about the course

This course focuses on two important aspects for the purpose of registration?subject-matter of IP protection and the criteria for protection of different forms of intellectual property rights.

Learn about the course

Our course spotlights key registration elements - subject-matter of IP protection and criteria for protection of IP forms.

Learn about the course

Industry leaders and legal professionals lead our live sessions, integrating real-world cases, Q&A, and debates. Sharpen skills with practical assignments, drafting legal documents, and strategising solutions for intellectual property hurdles.

Learn about the course

This course brings out the commercialisation aspects of intellectual property. It covers important tips on drafting IP agreements such as licensing and assignment.

Learn about the course

This course will help you develop an understanding of how IP firms and organisations structure IP management, which is essential to leverage the potential of intellectual property assets to its fullest.

Learn about the course

Learn all about infringement of intellectual property and its consequences. This module covers all about what IP lawyers and attorneys should know while building a career in IP litigation.

Learn about the course

This course brings you an insight into the application of IP laws, issues and challenges in implementing intellectual property rights and recent trends in specific industry practices.

Learn about the course

Industry leaders and legal professionals lead our live sessions, integrating real-world cases, Q&A, and debates. Sharpen skills with practical assignments, drafting legal documents, and strategising solutions for intellectual property hurdles.

Learn about the course

What's included?

Who Should Take This Programme?

  • Provides students and recent law graduates with a strong grounding in the theory and procedural aspects of intellectual property law that enables them to prepare for their IP law practice.
  • Ideal for entrepreneurs, engineers, business professionals, corporate managers and any one else who is interested in the interface between innovation, branding and intellectual property.
  • Upskills teachers and researchers with industry practice of intellectual property and creates innovation and awareness in higher educational institutions and incubations.

How Should One Approach This Programme?

Video materials and readings will precede the live sessions. Students are required to complete pre-class assignments. The live sessions are meant for workshops?based on pre-class assignments. The online session is to be utilised for practical training.

The general session etiquette is to engage in critical-thinking discussions or problem-solving engagements while keeping your webcams on. You are expected to participate in the class and bring your doubts to the forum of the session. The tutorial sessions are where students get individual attention and are expected to present and discuss their viewpoints or tasks.

Mode of Instruction & Class Timings

The live sessions will be conducted in a hybrid mode, and the courses will be available on the EBC Learning platform (ebclearning.com).

Session Schedule: Classes will be conducted at the end of each semester, from Monday to Thursday, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm.

E-Books Access from EBC Reader

Programme Leadership

Dr Pratima Narayan,
Instructor, EBC Learning, Advocate, Mediator & Co-Founder, Techlawlogi Consulting LLP

Dr Charu Mathur,
Instructor, EBC Learning & AOR, Supreme Court

Instructors & Course Authors

Ashok G. V.
Partner, Factum Law

C R Jacob
Senior Strategist IP & Business, LexOrbis

Gayathri Vivek
Founder, GV Law Associates

Jayashree Mrattihalli
Founder Associate, Prolegis Associates

Meenakshi Chotia
Managing Associate, LexOrbis

Pankaj Musyuni
Associate Partner, LexOrbis

Dr Pradeep Kumar Kamal
Associate Partner, LexOrbis

Preeti Tyagi
Associate Partner, LexOrbis

Rajlakshmi Nesargi
Founder, Nesargi Law Group-Intellectual Property Law Services

Rajesh Ramanathan,
Partner, Factum Law

Sheetal Srikanth
Advocate (Corporate, Commercial & Intellectual Property)

Dr Shivani Shrivastava
Associate Partner, LexOrbis

Tarun Khurana
Partner & IP Attorney, IIPRD & Khurana & Khurana


At the end of most online courses, you get a certificate. But certificates from different platforms mean different things. How do you convince your next employer, an institution that you have really learned the skills that you proclaim to have learnt. This is where our recommendation letter comes in. In our recommendation letter, we highlight the strengths of each candidate. What they have accomplished in the course and we vouch for you. So in addition to a certificate at EBC Learning, we offer each student of this course a personalised recommendation letter. We wish you all the very best, always.

Work From Home Internship and Placement Scheme

When entering into the programme many learners may not have the requisite practical skills to obtain a job in a law firm or get placed in an organisation of their choice. In order to improve the chances of a learner getting successfully placed, EBC Learning would assist learners in getting work-from-home internships for the duration of the course. During the course of such internships, learners would have the opportunity to work with experienced practitioners, partners and associates in law firms, and business heads in organisations and thereby gain practical experience while undertaking the course.

In addition, with EBC's network of professionals, practitioners, and authors, EBC Learning would provide 100% placement assistance to all learners.


What is EBC Learning?

EBC Learning is the educational arm of Eastern Book Company, a 75+ year-old company and India's leading law publisher and provider of legal textbooks, EBC Reader, EBC Webstore, EBC Explorer, Supreme Court Cases (SCC) and SCC Online.

Can I pay the tuition fees on a no-cost EMI basis?


Is there any entrance test for enrolment?

No, the admission to the path is on a rolling basis.

What is the cohort size of the course?

We believe in the small group teaching format and so aim to keep the class size small. We would try our best to organise participants into small groups of students.

What are the minimum technical requirements?

Students who enrol are expected to have basic knowledge of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and computer applications. Everyone should have a working webcam and microphone (either inbuilt or external). It is advised to have good internet speed. It is important to note that the EBC Learning LMS can be accessed through laptops or desktops via an internet browser such as Google Chrome. The ebclearning.com platform is not compatible with mobile devices.

How long is one live session class?

A live session will be of approximately 60-90 minutes, including time for class discussions and faculty interaction.

In addition to the sessions, how many hours of work are required per week?

A minimum of 8 hours of reading engagement is required. In addition, 2 hours per week would be required to watch Annex-Course video tutorials and solve class assignments.

What if I miss a session?

Live recordings will be made available to you soon after the session.

How will I be evaluated? Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

There will be no end examination. You will be evaluated on a continual basis throughout the course. You will be evaluated on pre-class assignments, class participation and final assignments for each module. As the last assignment of the course, you will have the option to appear for a viva or submit a substantial piece of writing for evaluation.

What is the minimum score to obtain a certificate?

One must score a minimum of 65% to get receive the EBC Learning CII, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Corporate Law.

What happens if I don't score 65%?

The EBC Learning CII, Upskill Diploma in Advanced Corporate Law stands for academic excellence and mastery of the subject. Our team is dedicated to helping the student achieve that mastery. However, in case you do not score a minimum of 65% and you have attended a minimum of 65% of live classes, upon payment of a re-examination fee, you may apply to us to get a certificate based on a viva that will be conducted by the EBC Learning team. Based on the results of the viva, you would be awarded the Upskill Diploma.