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Information about the EBC eBook Reader
Downloading the app:

To locate and download the EBC eBook Reader app, please visit the Apple App Store. A link for the same is provided at the App Store, click on it to download the free App.

Updating the app:

We recommend that you update the app whenever one becomes available via the App Store, as our latest versions contain bug fixes for problems on older apps.

To update the EBC eBook Reader app, please open the App Store on your device, then tap 'Updates' to check if any are available. Should an update be available, you can download it by tapping 'UPDATE'.

Free eBooks vs. Paid eBooks:

You can enjoy and select from a huge collection of both free and paid eBooks on our website, www.ebcwebstore.com


EBC eBook Reader is designed for iPad Generation2 with iOS 7.0 or later and for iPad Retina.


  • Tap on a book to start reading it.
  • Flip through pages conveniently by curling them.
  • Create notes pertaining to the eBooks or personal notebooks of your case-files.
  • Search any word or phrase to the farthest page.
  • Change the themes as per your comfort.
  • Highlight the relevant passages.
  • Share your notes by emailing, printing them or through social media.
Reading offline and in airplane mode:

Each eBook is cached to your device to read at your leisure. To read offline or in airplane mode, please first download the issue over a strong internet connection.

Accessing Subscription
Digital Subscriber: accessing full content

As a digital subscriber, log in using your EBC Webstore login ID and password. Digital subscribers do not need to activate.

  • Open the app to the Library Screen
  • Tap on the Books to be Downloaded Section
  • Tap on the title that you have purchased.
  • The title will download and be available in the Library section for you to read.
Purchasing an eBook or Subscribing to the Magazine:

  • Browse:
  • Browse through the collection of e-books available online, at ebcwebstore.com. Select the title/titles that you want to purchase.
  • Log in:
  • To buy eBooks from our Webstore, you must first log in at www.ebcwebstore.com. In case you do not have an account at our Webstore then you can create one at http://www.ebcwebstore.com/login.php
  • Buy Now:
  • Once you select the eBook/eBooks that you want to purchase, click on Add to Cart and proceed with the purchase procedure. You would be asked to create an account during the purchase process if you have not already made one.

* Note: To Subscribe to the Magazine, please follow the above explained procedure.

Registering for an account

Registration is a simple process. You just have to follow the following steps and your device will be registered.

This App is designed for iPad Generation2 with iOS 7.0 or later and for iPad Retina.

  • Download from Apple App Store::
  • You are first required to download the EBC eBook Reader from Apple App Store. A link for the same is provided at the App Store.
  • Create an account at EBC Webstore:
  • You are then required to create an account at EBC Webstore, if you do not already have one.
  • Purchase your first eBook:
  • Purchase your first eBook from the Webstore, we will be guiding you step by step through the entire process.
  • You are now registered:
  • With this done, you are now registered. The eBook that you purchase will appear in your Reader’s Books to be Downloaded section.

You can obtain your registration information on Settings page> Registration.

Changing your login details

If you have forgotten your password, please:

  • Either click on the forgot password link available on the log in page on the EBC Reader or on EBC Webstore sign in page.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Your password would then be mailed to you.
Restoring all purchases

To restore all your purchases, please:

  • Go to the Books to be Downloaded Section.
  • Download all your purchases once again.
  • You do not have to buy your eBooks again.
Managing your account

You can manage your EBC eBook Reader account either from your iPad or from the EBC Webstore.

Downloading each week's issue

To download each week's issue, please:

  • Tap on the Magazine Cover,
  • If a new issue is available, it will be displayed on tapping the magazine cover,
  • Tap on the new issue available and it will be downloaded.
Deleting an issue

To Delete any issue that you do not require anymore, please:

  • Press and hold the issue you wish to delete,
  • Tap 'X',
  • Your issue will be deleted.
Re-downloading deleted/lost issues

To Re-download any issue that was lost or got deleted, please:

  • Go to Books to be Downloaded Section
  • Tap on the issue you wish to re-download
  • It will download and be available in the library section for you to read.
Bookmarking an article

To bookmark a page or an article in your magazine, please:

  • Open the page/article which you would like to bookmark.
  • Tap on the bookmark icon at the top right of the screen
  • A blue ribbon sign will indicate that the page has been bookmarked.
  • To remove the bookmark, tap on the bookmark icon once more and the page/article will no longer be bookmarked.
Closing the app in multi-tasking

To close the app in multi-tasking, please:

  • Double tap your device's home button to open the multi-tasking carousel,
  • Press and hold the EBC eBook Reader app in the multi-tasking carousel and swipe this up to the top of the screen to close the app.

You can re-open the EBC eBook Reader app by tapping on it.

Logging in and out of the app

You would be asked to login after every 7 days, if your device is connected to the internet, for security purposes. Your login id and password would be same as the one you use on EBC Webstore. To log out, please:

  • Open the Library screen
  • Tap Settings, located at the bottom of the page
  • Go to the Registration page.
  • Tap on 'Unregister EBC Reader'.

*Please note that once you log out of EBC Reader all your downloads would be automatically deleted and you will have to Download the books/ magazines once again from the Books to be Downloaded Section. You are not however required to purchase them again.

Ensuring you see each week's issue

If you cannot see the latest issue, please:

  • Close the app in multi-tasking
  • Ensure you have a strong 3G or WiFi connection (test by loading a test page in Safari)

If you cannot still see the new issue, please follow these instructions.

Login errors

If you receive an Authentication error, please ensure your log in details are correct (If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions provided in "Changing your login details")

Getting help from within the app

To find help in-app, please:

  • Open the Library Screen
  • Tap Settings at the bottom of the page
  • Tap About EBC Reader
  • For any further help, leave your queries with us at Contact Us in Settings.
Giving Feedback

To give feedback, please:

  • Open the App to the Library screen
  • Tap Settings at the bottom of the page
  • Tap Contact Us and leave your feedback with us
Deleting the App from your device

To delete the App from your device, please:

  • Press and hold the EBC eBook Reader,
  • Once it starts to wobble, tap 'X' to delete the app.

To copy, please:

  • Tap and drag your finger over the text that you want to copy to your note,
  • Tap on "Copy to Notebook",
  • The` text would automatically be copied to your notes.

To highlight, please:

  • Tap on the tool bar, at the bottom of the page
  • Tap on the highlighter
  • Now drag your finger over the text that you want to highlight.
Changing the font size

To change font size, please:

  • Tap on 'T' at the top right of the screen
  • Drag the scroll bar marked T to change the font size
Changing the Brightness

To adjust the brightness, please:

  • Tap on the T,
  • Drag the scroll bar marked with the brightness icon and adjust the brightness as per your comfort
Changing the Background Colors

To change the background color, please:

  • Tap on the T at the Top of the Screen,
  • Tap on the particular color you want at the background of your text.

To search for a word or a phrase within the eBook, please:

  • Tap on the magnifying lens icon at the top of the page
  • Type the word or phrase that you wish to search
  • A dropdown menu will display the word or the phrase used in all the places in the eBook to the farthest place.
Seeing the Table of Contents

To see the Table of Contents, please:

  • Tap on the Table of Contents icon at the top left of the screen.
  • A dropdown menu will display the Table of Contents
  • You can directly go to the Chapter you want to read by tapping on it.
Hyperlinked Citations and Headings.

All the headings and citations in the EBC eBook Reader are hyperlinked. You can go to a particular heading in the text directly from the Index page by tapping on it. The citations used in the eBooks are also hyperlinked to their references at the end.

Adding/Removing Lines

To Add lines, please:

  • You do not have to do anything to add any further lines that are needed by you,
  • The lines will keep on increasing automatically as you go on typing.

To Remove line, please:

  • Use back-space to delete the extra lines from your notes.
Exporting to Evernote

To Export your note to Evernote, please:

  • Open the Note that you would like to export,
  • Tap on the Evernote icon at the bottom of the page
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

To print your Note, please:

  • Open the Note that you want to print,
  • Tap on the Print icon at the bottom of the page,
  • The note will Print

To E-mail your Note, please:

  • Open the Note that you want to E-mail,
  • Tap on the E-mail icon at the bottom of the page,
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
Facebook and Tweeting

To Facebook or Tweet your Note, please:

  • Open the Note that you want to share via Facebook/Twitter,
  • Tap on the Facebook or Twitter icon
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
Managing Notebooks

To Manage (Add/Delete/Rename) your personal Notebooks, please:

  • Tap on the Settings icon at the bottom of the page
  • Tap on Manage Notebooks in the Settings page
  • Tap on '+' sign to Add Notes to your personal Notebooks
  • Tap and hold the Note that you wish to delete and tap on 'X' to delete it
  • Tap and hold the name of your Note to Rename it. When the name becomes highlighted, delete it and rename it.

To Copy/Paste, please:

  • Drag your finger over the lines that you want to copy in your notes,
  • Tap and hold your finger over the place where you want to paste those lines,
  • Select the option of Paste,
  • The lines would be pasted.

Please watch this space for updated fixes for any technical problems with the app.

Get new app message

If your app includes a message asking you to download our new app, then please delete the app from your device and download our new app from the App Store.

Subscribers not receiving full access

If you have an active Subscription to the magazine but the app is asking you to subscribe to view the latest issue, please log out and log in. Failing that, please delete and reinstall the app.

New issue does not appear

If you have tried the steps to ensure you see the new issue and your new issue has still not appeared, please:

  • If possible, connect to a 3G network
  • Connect to an alternative WiFi network

Note: Please close the app in multi-tasking before connecting to a new network.

No network connection error message:

If you have recieved a 'No network connection' error message when you attempt to download an edition, please follow the steps above for New issue does not appear. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact customer service.