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Equal Justice and Forensic Process: Truth and Myth (Deluxe Edition) (e-book/Hardbound)
By V.R. Krishna Iyer (Retd. Judge)
  Reprinted 2010 (Deluxe Edition)
“Some people see things as they are and ask why, I dream things as they should be and ask why not?”- Robert Kennedy

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Due Process of Law (e-book/ Hardbound)
By Abhinav Chandrachud
  2011 Edition, Reprinted 2012
Due Process of Law by Abhinav Chandrachud is a scholarly investigation of the fascinating, important, and an evergreen topic of "judicial review and substantive due...

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Early Disposal of Court Cases : Simplification of Procedure, Bottlenecks, Role of Bar and Judiciary
By V.K. Mathur
  Edition 1996

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Judicial Power and Judicial Review (e-book/Hardbound)
By Anirudh Prasad
  1st Edition, 2012
Associated with the concept of justice, which has engaged us from time immemorial, are the instrumentalities of "Judicial Power and Judicial Review", the title of this...

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Judiciary I Served, The
The Judiciary I Served is an account of an eminent jurists long and distinguished career in law from his early days as a barrister to his retirement from the Supreme Court of India. An absorbing aspect...

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Judiciary in India Constitutional Perspectives
By Prof. G.Manoher Rao, Dr. G.B.Reddy
  1st Edition, 2009
This book emphasises on * Judicial accountability and transparency * Judicial activism *Judicial Self-restraint * Independence of Judiciary and Theory of Separation of Power * Emerging Perspectives.

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This book is a unique effort of the author to expose the anomalies prevailing in the judiciary. In fact, the highly appalling issuejustice in timehas long been a matter of...

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An Independent and Accountable Judiciary : Pillar of Democracy
By Soma Ghosh
Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Indian judicial system--the growth of a concept through the ages. 3. A real independent judiciary in...

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Dr. C D Jhas : Judicial Review of Legislative Acts
By Dr. C D Jhas
  2nd Edition, 2009
Dr Chakradhar Jha has very aptly explained the scope and effect of Judicial Review of Legislative Acts in this book. The book is scholarly and thorough and his exposition of the subject is marked...

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