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Responsibility of International Organisationstowards other International Organisations
By Professor Bimal N. Patel, Director, GNLU
  2013 Edition
The Responsibility of International Organisations towards Other International Organisations: Law and Practice of the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union (EU)...

T.K. Tope's  Constitutional Law of India
By Justice Sujata V. Manohar
  3rd Edition, 2010
The third edition of this scholarly book 1st printed in 1982 has been thoroughly revised and updated. Considered as the best single volume...

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Administrative Law
By Justice C.K. Thakker
  2nd Edition, 2012
Foreword by Hon'ble...

Hardback: Rs. 1,750.00  Rs. 1,488.00
Comparative Constitutional Law
By M.P. Singh
  2nd Edition, 2011
This FESTSCHRIFT written in honour of an eminent constitutionalist and legal pedagogue of India, Professor P.K. Tripathi, consists of...

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Universal's Guide to LL.M. Entrance Examination - including Previous Years Solved Papers
By Gaurav Mehta
  5th Edition 2016
LL.M. being postgraduate qualification in law can be a great opportunity to specialize in the...

Paperback: Rs. 775.00  Rs. 659.00
Law and Social Transformation (e-book/Hardbound)
By P. Ishwara Bhat
  2009 Edition, Reprinted 2012
“An invasion of armies can be resisted but not an idea whose time has come.” — Victor Hugo

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Due Process of Law
By Abhinav Chandrachud
  2011 Edition, Reprinted 2012
Due Process of Law by Abhinav Chandrachud is a scholarly investigation of the fascinating, important, and an evergreen topic of "judicial review and substantive due...

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Shamsul Huda's Principles of the Law of Crimes
By With an Introduction by Prof. K.I. Vibhute
  Reprinted 2011 [Hardbound]
This is one of the greatest classic works on the subject. First published under the Tagore Law Lectures series, the work was widely acclaimed and is even today recognised as the best work on the...

Hardcover: Rs. 750.00  Rs. 638.00
A Debate Over Rights
By Kramer, Simmonds
  1st Indian Edition, 2003
Written in an essay form the collection engages in a lively debate over the fundamental characteristics of legal and moral rights. Each author considers whether rights essentially protect individual...

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