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Business Law (Formerly Mercantile Law)
By Dr. Avtar Singh
  11th Edition, 2018
Dr Avtar Singh’s Business Law has gained an enviable reputation of being the most authoritative work on the subject. An attempt has been made to capture the...

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Guide To Micro Small And Medium Enterprises
By Ca Srinivasan Anand G
  2nd Edition 2008

Rs. 495.00  Rs. 396.00
Documentary Credits
By Hare, Chris
Dealing with the law relating to documentary credits in both an English and international context, this book provides information on the law of documentary credits; and an examination of the fundamental concepts of the...

Rs. 22,000.00  Rs. 18,700.00
Company Secretarial Procedures and Precedents (Pay-in-Advance Service)
By David Venus, David Venus & Company LLP
This quarterly-updated looseleaf service provides company directors, company secretaries and their advisers with a complete range of template documents and contractual clauses which can be used for...

Hardback: Rs. 50,065.00  Rs. 42,555.00
All About Private Limited Companies (Including Chapter on LLP)
By Dr. K.R.Chandratre
  2nd Edition, 2009
This guide is very useful in starting and managing a Private Limited Company in India as it provides practical guidelines as per the new amended Companies Act. It explains day-to-day problems faced by a...

Rs. 595.00  Rs. 536.00