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  Workmens Compensation Act, 1923
By Revised by P.L. Malik
  6th Edition with Supplement 2012
The sixth edition of the work on Workmen 's Compensation brings the case-law and the amended statutory law, up-to-date till the date of publication. A new case law and statute law...

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Commentary on The Employee s Compensation Act with Schedules & Rules
By Aiyar and Aiyar
  6th Edition, 2016

Hardbound: Rs. 1,050.00  Rs. 893.00
Compensation, Work Hours and Benefits
By J Hirsch Samuel Estreicher
  First Edition

Rs. 12,634.00  Rs. 11,371.00
Law Of Damages & Compensation -3 Volumes
By Kamleshwara Rao
  7th Edition, 2018
C. Kameshwara Rao, the eminent author of the book needs no introduction to our readers. He is the author of various...

Paperback: Rs. 7,200.00  Rs. 5,760.00
  1st Edition, 2001
The procedure for assessments of...

Paperback: Rs. 600.00  Rs. 480.00
Law Relating to  Compensation under the Motor Vehicles Act by M.R. Sreenath
By M.R. Sreenath
  1998 Edition.
The number of people who get killed or maimed in motor vehicle accidents is growing day by day. The main source of succour to such hapless people and their dependants is the compensation that they are...

Hardcover: Rs. 440.00  Rs. 374.00