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   P. L. Malik's Industrial Law (Covering Labour Law in India) (2 Volumes with Free CD-ROM)
   P. L. Maliks Industrial Law
   Ramachandrans Law of Writs - C K Thakker
   SC on Arbitration - Surendra Malik
   SC on Code of Civil Procedure - Surendra Malik
   SC on Consumer Protection - Surendra Malik
   SC on Contempt of Court - Surendra Malik
   SC on Contract and Specific Relief - Surendra Malik
   SC on Corruption - Surendra Malik
   SC on CRPC and Criminal Trial - Surendra Malik
   SC on Dishonour of Cheques And Negotiable Instruments- Surendra Malik
   SC on Education and Universities - Surendra Malik
   SC on Employment - Surendra Malik
   SC on Environment Law - Surendra Malik
   SC On Evidence Act - Surendra Malik
   SC on Family and Personal Laws - Surendra Malik
   SC on Family Property, Partition, Succession, Will and Inheritance
   SC on Human Rights & Civil Rights
   SC on Penal Code - Surendra Malik
   SC on Preventive Detention Laws - Surendra Malik
   SC On SARFAESI/RDDB Act and Allied Laws - Surendra Malik
   Service Law Collection
   Supreme Court on Contract & Specific Relief (1950 to 2018) (in 4 Volumes)
   Supreme Court on Environment Law (In 2 Volumes)
   Supreme Court on Family and Personal Laws ( Set of 4 Vols.) by Surendra Malik and Sudeep Malik
   Supreme Court on Government Property and Land (In 2 Volumes)
   Supreme Court on Marriage & Divorce, Cruelty/Dowry Death, Custody, Adoption & Maintenance (In 2 Volumes)
   Supreme Court on Narcotics and Drugs with the NDPS Act, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, and NDPS Rules (1950 to 2018) (in 2 Volumes)
   Suranjan Chakraverti and Bholeshwar Nath Cases and Materials on Code of Civil Procedure (in 4 Volumes)
   The Writings of Thomas Paine
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