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By Rish Pal Nainta

Paperback: Rs. 750.00  Rs. 525.00
By R. Prakash
  4th Edition, 2005 with Supplement, 2006
This unique and celebrated work, considered an authority on the subject, provides a detailed commentary on the law governing the Hindu religious institutions like temples, Maths, Trusts, Religious and...

Hardcover: Rs. 1,195.00  Rs. 992.00
By Sumeet Malik
  2nd Edition, 2014
This book contains the text of U.P. Co-operative Societies Act, 1965 and U.P. Co-operative Societies Rules, 1968 along with many other service rules and notifications. It...

Rs. 445.00  Rs. 401.00
By Revised by Mahavir Singh
  5th Edition, 1989¬†¬†with Supplement 1992
With a synopsis at the beginning, the work provides very crisp and analytical commentary on each section. It is supported with Court rulings and the author has emphasised on the principles laid down by...

Hardcover: Rs. 1,400.00  Rs. 1,260.00
By Nabhi`s Board of Editors
  11th revised edition, 2009
  Being a practical handbook on formation and management of a...

Paperback: Rs. 410.00  Rs. 328.00
By Abraham Anita
  4th Edition, 2015
The need for a composite, under-one-umbrella book on the Formation and Management of NGOs in India was keenly felt, when a methodical search of...

Paperback: Rs. 525.00  Rs. 420.00
By Lal
Lal Delhi Cooperative Societies Act & Rules, R/P

Hardback: Rs. 200.00  Rs. 160.00