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By Justice C.K. Thakker, Hon'ble Dr. Justice A.S...
  2014 Edition,Updated till February 2014
Justice Thakker's Code of Civil Procedure is a path-breaking, monumental work on the subject, commended as one of the great books of...

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By Revised by G.C. Mathur
  6th Edition, Reprinted 2016
Shiva Gopal 's Conveyancing, Precedents & forms is a clear, succinct and practical guide to the subject, and has today assumed the...

Hardcover: Rs. 495.00  Rs. 421.00
By Surendra Malik And Sudeep Malik
  2015 Edition
The study of Equity is interesting yet...

Hardbound: Rs. 825.00  Rs. 701.00
By Harpwood, V. H.
  7 Rev ed, 2008
Presents a comprehensive introduction to the law of torts. This title explains the principles of aspects of tort law. It encourages students to understand and apply the principles of tort law effectively and particular...

Paperback: Rs. 2,610.00
By Revised by Surendra Malik
  6th Edition, 1996.
This book deals with the suits relating to land and supplemental provisions under the Suits Valuation Act, 1987 (as amended in its application to Uttar Pradesh) and also discusses the Uttar Pradesh...

Hardcover: Rs. 120.00  Rs. 108.00
  24 Dec 2003
Wolstenholme & Cherry provides section-by-section guidance on how the Land Registration Act 22 works in practice. It includes the full text of the Act and Land Registration Rules 23 with...

Rs. 20,900.00  Rs. 18,810.00
By Parameswaran
  6th Edition 2016
The law relating to 'Power of Attorney', as penned by learned Advocate S. Parameswaran deals with the law as contained in the Powers of Attorney Act, 1882 which has...

Hardbound : Rs. 895.00  Rs. 716.00
By Desai T.R.
  11th Edition, 2016
This book has established itself as a legal classic. It is the most origional, authentic, dependable and brilliant work having a profound impact on its vast readership...

Hardbound: Rs. 1,895.00  Rs. 1,516.00
By U N Mitra
  14th Edition 2016
U N Mitra’s classic work on the law of Limitation and Prescription is a juristic work of considerable merit and scholastic learning. A leading treatise on the subject...

Hardbound: Rs. 4,495.00  Rs. 3,596.00